What do you need to know about mineral cosmetics?

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With scoring polls researchers Environmental Working Group, the average woman uses about 12 beauty products that contain a total of 168 chemicals that can harm health. This, of course, is not radium whitening strips, but still, a combination of such an amount of harmful materials can easily provoke cancer and other diseases.

More and more consumers are deepening their understanding of what their favorite beauty products are made of, so the demand for safe cosmetics is increasing, and now mineral products are coming to the market that is much safer than traditional means.


Mineral cosmetics are made from substances such as mica, zinc and titanium
oxide, which are ground to the smallest particles and mixed with pigments. What
really distinguishes such remedies is that they do not harm the skin in any way. In
mineral cosmetics, there are no oils, wax, talc, preservatives, synthetic perfumes or
other harmful substances.

In addition, mineral-based products do not stimulate the growth of bacteria and
show excellent resistance. Worried about that normal makeup is used to smear
and melt, especially in wet weather? Mineral beauty products are highly resistant
to any climatic conditions.

To whom does

In essence, mineral cosmetics are ideal for those who have too sensitive skin. It does
not clog pores, which does not lead to the appearance of acne, and also does not interfere with the breathing of the skin. Manufacturers of such products often claim that a mineral makeup creates a sense of flawless skin without unnecessary effort.

Given that the mineral products contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which
are also found in sunscreen, these ingredients can offer you sun protection and
premature skin aging


Mineral cosmetics please its diversity and is now present in almost all classical
areas of cosmetics. Powders, tonal bases, moisturizing cream, shadows –
everything can be easily found on the sites of famous manufacturers. What exactly
not to find in this area-wide color palettes, because production is limited to those
pigments that can be found in nature

How to apply

The first thing you need to learn when using mineral cosmetics is moderation. You
will need much less money to make up, unlike traditional products, and any jar of
the mineral powder will be consumed three times slower than your usual powder.

First, apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Unlike liquid foundation
creams, minerals should not be mixed together with moisturizers, because a thin
film separating the minerals from deep penetration should remain on the skin.

Then use the mineral tonal base and apply it with the help of a brush “kabuki” –
brushes made of the natural nap for uniform application of friable powder. If your
skin is prone to dryness, you can fix the makeup with a special moisturizing finish

How to choose

If you are going to switch to mineral cosmetics, start selecting the funds from the
tonal basis. Then, when you are confident in the product, expand your collection
with blushes and shadows.

Look for products that contain only key ingredients: mica, iron oxide, zinc oxide,
titanium dioxide and pigments. If you see talcum, magnesium or fragrances – most
likely, the manufacturer saves on the ingredients. Real mineral products should
also be certified and have a “cruelty-free” mark, which means no tests for animals.

Pay attention to the Revlon and Clarins brands that have been using this
technology for a long time and are pleased with new developments every year, or
choose brands that work exclusively with mineral products – Bare Minerals,
Everyday Minerals. Also, excellent tools with blush and shadows can be found in
the Mac and L’Oreal lines, but unlike other collections of these companies, do not
wait for a variety of shades.

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