In various magazines and online media can often meet the phrase in the spirit: “the Hair should be washed n times per week”. But really, how often should you wash your hair depends on several individual factors, and not universal to give advice to all is simply impossible.

Actually, much depends on the type of skin on the scalp and the hair type. Professional barbers usually recommend to wash your hair as infrequently as possible, it’s definitely not suitable for very heavy hair and if you have the normal scalp. The fact that the shampoo wash grease and oil, so if you wash your hair too frequently (e.g. every day or every other day), it is very easy to overdry the hair. The skin releases sebum: in small quantities, it is even necessary: the scalp may start to peel, causing dandruff appears.

Of course, if you play sports or you have a very oily scalp or you live in a hot climate (the head sweats a lot). But it’s practically the only option when needed.

Generally speaking, the thicker your hair, the less oily your skin is, the less often you need to shampoo. On average, experts advise to wash your hair not more than once every three days, but in General, the hair it’s time to wash when it starts to itch the scalp or the hair starts to look greasy.

And don’t forget: first of all, shampoo is needed for the scalp. To bring the hair, use conditioners, masks, conditioners, etc.



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