Setting up a company in the United States of America has many privileges, but how can you be a beneficiary of such privileges, especially when you are not a resident of United States of America? In normal cases and in many good countries it is not possible but the USA gives an opportunity for registering a company in the country following certain conditions for sure. Before knowing how to register a company in the USA being a non-resident you should know some basic details of rules in the USA.

In the USA, there are two types of business, you can choose either of them for your registration.they are a limited liability company that is widely known as LLC or a corporation. You can register as any one of the two, with the one you chose the amount of tax you pay, the paper works you do, employee benefits you ought to give etc. will vary.

There are companies who take up this as a business, helping the non-residents to register a company in the USA.Similar is the case with Lawyers, there are lawyers who specialize in such affairs. If you are willing to do it your own, it’s well and good, as you need not pay the commission. Let us have a look at the formalities.

  1. You need to get a registered agent.

A registered agent is a person or a company who resides in the state of the USA where your company needs to be registered. There are certain conditions to become a registered agent, they are:

A.The agent must be physically located in the state where your company is about to form

B.he must be present at the address provided continuously during the business hours

  1. his name and address should always be kept current with the state
  2. The information of the agent will become public and he becomes easily searchable.
  3. Form an LLC or a corporation, decide under which category you are going to register your company, better if you can register as LLC because it saves Taxes, protects your business and also follows a simple
  4. Decide at which state you are going to form a company, USA has around 50 States and you can choose one among the according to the scope of your business.
  5. Apply for an employer identification Number, every business in the USA has a specific and unique number. For this, you need a social security number of USA if you don’t business lawyer as the third party to help you get
  6. Get a mailing address in USA where you can receive your letters and concurrence.
  7. Open a bank Account for business in the
  8. Open a merchant Account.
  9. Get a phone number of USA.
  10. Understand the tax details applicable to you.

Doing everything by your own certainly gives you a great exposure and saves money but assigning the work to a company or lawyer can help you relax while your company is registered in the USA.