Octopuses are very unusual creatures. To study them, humanity even came up with a separate science called the tautology (“teutos” in Latin means “squid”). Scientists rightly call these mollusks one of the most intelligent animals. The brain of an octopus occupies almost all of their body.

octopus 1

Another feature is that this mollusc has as many as three hearts. One thing is that it drives blood all over the body. The other two “serve” only the gills. There they also supply blood. By the way, about her a separate conversation. That’s really who really has blue blood, so this is the octopus. They really have a heavenly color.

And an octopus can be called a sea chameleon. This mollusc can change the color of its body. This is done in order to either hide from the predator or to make sure that the victim does not notice it. If the invertebrate is frightened, then he is sick. If it’s red, it means it’s angry. The octopus’s “coloring” depends on the sight.

octopus 2

So, if the invertebrate is completely blind, then it will not be able to change the color. If the octopus only has one eye, then only one side it will change. Another way to get rid of enemies is that it can pretend to be a predatory or poisonous animal. For example, a striped snake.

And, of course, everyone knows that in case of danger they can release an ink cloud. This very much helps the octopus when meeting with the sharks. The sea assassin is looking for his victims by the smell of blood. Ink, however, distracts the smell of sharks, and they lose sight of the mollusc.

octopus 3

From the enemy, the octopus can get rid of in a very original way. If he grabs him by the tentacle, the mollusk will part with her without regret. Anyway, in time, another will grow up. On these very tentacles are taste buds. One sucker on them can hold about a hundred grams of weight.

Shellfish love cleanliness. They take the scraps for their dwelling, and as a trickle of water clams like they sweep it.

octopus 4

Octopuses have a high intelligence. A little workout and they will be able to distinguish some geometric shapes. They are easily exposed to training. Willingly go to contact with those who feed them. Moreover, they can recognize them.

Another thing that distinguishes an octopus is its plasticity. Since the mollusk lacks a skeleton and a sufficiently developed musculature, it can penetrate and get out of any cracks. The octopus is not afraid even to be in a locked jar. He just can unscrew the lid from the inside.

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