Top 10 Animal heroes

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Animal Heroes

Since childhood, we grow up surrounded by animals. The loyalty and love of our pets can melt any heart, they become full members of the family. And more than once, furry friends proved their loyalty, and sometimes became real heroes.

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The feats of animal heroes make us sincerely admire them and confirm that our pets, like some wild animals, are smart, kind, and sympathetic.

These are the top 10 Animal heroes

1. Dolphins save surfer from sharks

Dolphins Save Surfer From Sharks

Todd Andrews was surfing when he was attacked by sharks. He was wounded and should have died. But he was saved by dolphins. They scared off the sharks and then took the young man to the shore, where he was treated.

2. Shelter cat calls for help

Shelter Cat Calls For Help

In 2012, Amy Jung took a cat named Pudding from the shelter. On the same day, a woman suffering from diabetes became ill. The cat tried to help the owner, who began a diabetic crisis. First, the cat jumped on top of her, and then he rushed into the next room and woke up her son. Emmy received medical attention and was saved.

3. Cat saved the owner’s life

Cat Saved The Owner'S Life

In the England town of Redditch in Worcestershire, Charlotte Dixon took in her cat Theo. It was 8 years ago, the kitten had the flu. She fed him through a pipette, kept him warm, nursed him like a baby. The cat became attached to its owner. And after a while, he saved her life.

Once the woman woke up in the middle of the night. She felt bad. She decided to sleep, but Theo wouldn’t let her. The cat jumped on the woman, meowed, and touched her with its paw.

Charlotte decided to call her mother, who called an ambulance. Doctors found a blood clot in her and said that the cat saved her life, because. having fallen asleep that night, she most likely would not have woken up.

4. Cat pointed to the tumor

Cat Pointed To The Tumor

If cancer is detected at an early stage, it can be completely cured. But the difficulty is that a person has practically no symptoms of the disease and it can be detected accidentally by passing an examination. But sometimes the guardian angel can be a cat.

Angela Tinning, an Englishwoman from Leamington, has a pet cat named Missy. The character of the pet is quite bad, it is aggressive and not at all affectionate. But one day the cat’s behavior changed dramatically. She suddenly became very gentle and affable, constantly lying down on her mistress’s chest, in the same place.

Angela was alerted by the animal’s unusual behavior. She decided to get tested. And the doctors found her cancer, right where Missy liked to lie. After the operation, the cat became the same as usual.

After 2 years, her behavior changed again. She was sitting on the woman’s chest again. Another examination revealed breast cancer. The woman underwent surgery. The cat saved her life by pointing out the tumor.

5. Cat did not let the pensioner die from the fire

Cat Did Not Let The Pensioner Die From The Fire

This happened on December 24, 2018, in Krasnoyarsk. In one of the residential buildings, in the basement, a fire started. On the first floor lived a pensioner with his black cat Dusya. He was asleep when she jumped on the owner and began to scratch him.

The pensioner did not immediately understand what had happened. But the apartment began to fill with smoke. It was necessary to save himself, but the old man who had suffered a stroke, it was difficult to move. He tried to find Dusyu, but because of the smoke, he could not find her and was forced to leave the apartment alone.

Firefighters spent about 2 hours pouring water on the fire. When Grandpa returned to the apartment, he found a dead cat. She saved the owner, but she died. Now the pensioner lives with his granddaughter Zhenya, and his family is trying to put the apartment in order.

6. Pit bull saves a family from fire

Pit Bull Saves Family From Fire

Nana Chaichanda’s family lives in the American city of Stockton. They were rescued by 8-month-old pit bull Sasha. One morning, he woke a woman by scratching at the door and barking incessantly. Nana realized that the dog wouldn’t behave so strangely for no reason at all.

Looking around, she realized that her cousin’s room was on fire, and the fire was spreading rapidly. She rushed to the room of her 7-month-old daughter and saw that Sasha was trying to pull the baby out of bed, grabbing her by the diaper. Firefighters arrived and quickly extinguished the fire.

Fortunately, no one was killed, because her brother was not at home that day. And, although the housing was badly damaged, Nana is happy that they are still alive. The woman is sure that they were saved by a dog, if not for her, they might not have got out of the fire.

7. Dog saved the child by sacrificing its life

Dog Saved The Child By Sacrificing Its Life

In 2016, the lights were turned off in Erika Poremsky’s house. She went out to the car to charge her mobile phone. But within a few minutes, the house was engulfed in flames.

She left behind an 8-month-old baby, Viviana, and a dog named Polo.

The girl’s mother, Erika Poremski, tried to go inside and climb to the 2nd floor to save the baby. But the door was jammed. The woman, distraught with grief, ran down the street, screaming, but could do nothing.

When firefighters arrived, they were able to enter the house by breaking a second-floor window. The baby miraculously survived. A dog covered her with its body. The child was almost not injured, received only minor burns. But the dog could not be saved. She could have gone downstairs and out into the street, but she didn’t want to leave the helpless child behind.

8. Balto Dog save children from diphtheria

Balto Dog Save Children From Diphtheria

In 1995, Steven Spielberg made a cartoon “Balto” about a heroic dog. The story told in this animated film is based on real events.

In 1925, an epidemic of diphtheria broke out in Nome, Alaska. This disease claimed the lives of children who could not be saved because the city was cut off from civilization.

We needed a vaccine. To bring it, it was decided to equip the expedition. In total, 20 drivers and 150 dogs went for the vaccine. The last section of the path was to be passed by Gunnar Kaasen with his team of Eskimo huskies.

At the head of the team was a dog named Balto, a Siberian Husky. It was considered slow, unsuitable for important transportation, but they were forced to take on an expedition. The dogs had to walk 80 km.

When the city was 34 km away, a strong snowstorm began. And then Balto showed heroism and courage and, despite everything, delivered the vaccine to the city. The epidemic has been stopped. A brave and hardy dog was erected a monument in one of the parks in New York.

9. Cher Ami pigeon saved 194 lives

Cher Ami Pigeon Saved 194 Lives

Cher Ami is included in the top ten most heroic animals. It accomplished this feat during the First World War. Then the birds were used to transmit information. The opponents knew about this and often shot at them.

In September 1918, the Americans and French launched an offensive to encircle the German forces. However, due to a mistake, more than 500 people were surrounded.

All hope was in the carrier pigeon, it was sent with a request for help. But again, a mistake was made: the coordinates were entered incorrectly. The allies who were supposed to lead them out of the encirclement opened fire on the soldiers.

Only a carrier pigeon, which was supposed to deliver a message, could save people. It was Sher Ami. As soon as it took to the air, they opened fire on it. But the wounded, bleeding bird delivered the message, collapsing at the soldiers ‘ feet. It saved the lives of 194 people.

The pigeon, even though its leg was torn off and its eye was knocked out, survived.

10. Cobra saved the puppy’s lives

Cobra Saved The Puppies Lives

The bite of the king cobra is dangerous for people and animals. No wonder they don’t like snakes here. But sometimes they can also surprise you.

In the Indian state of Punjab, a cobra not only did not touch defenseless puppies but also protected them from danger.

A local farmer’s dog gave birth to puppies. Two of them, traveling around the yard, fell into a sewer well. One part of it was flooded with sewage, and on the other, dry half, lived a cobra. The snake did not attack the animals, on the contrary, curled up in coils, protecting them, not letting them go to the part of the well where they could die.

The dog attracted people’s attention with its howl. When they reached the well, they saw a cobra, which, having loosened its hood, protected the puppies.

Forestry officials rescued the puppies, and the cobra was released into the forest.

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