How men fall in love gradually?

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About love, many times wrote and said. But still it remains one of the greatest mysteries of mankind, and to understand it is not easy. It is difficult to understand why one woman carries in their personal lives, while others, despite their remarkable quality and beauty, and left alone. Of course, to give one answer for all is impossible, but if you learn how men fall in love through what the stages are, there is a chance to understand how to react and what to expect at a certain point in time. We’ll talk more about that.


First look at the appearance

In the first stage, when men fall in love with a woman, they pay attention to external data. They are attracted by what looks like a woman. It is very important to remember each of them likes something different: someone slim girl with small Breasts, and someone woman with appetizing forms, long or short hair, wide hips or lack of them etc. the Same standards of beauty does not exist.

None of them is able to explain what attracted him. The concept of beauty in men is generated subconsciously, and not created with the fashion world. Of course, this should not be a call to refuse to follow him. Clean and well-groomed hair, good shoes, neat nails, the smell of the cleaner body and clothing, giving the charm needed to feel attractive and to cause the opposite sex interest. But an inferiority complex due to some features of appearance, just not worth it. If the type of women attracted his attention, he will not pay attention to what it is usually confused in itself. However, while he looks before you take the next step.

Check for mutual sympathy

The next stage of how men fall in love is to check any women on reciprocity. The man starts to provide a small gesture to understand whether something to count on. It’s not even like a real courtship: “casual” meetings, a small compliment or a desire to be where she is. And if he realizes that he was interested in a girl, then he goes to another stage. The task of the lady to assess whether it is of interest to her.

Next, a man will try to obtain her consent. But for this, he should be sure sighted and suffer him, at least interest. Otherwise, it will be suitable only if very much in love.

All the best qualities of men

After he will try to demonstrate all their positive qualities and to smite the beloved. He needs to win her heart. And for this, he is not stingy on gifts, walks in the moonlight, poetry, or attending entertainment venues. The main feelings for him now are the passion and the desire to show itself in all its glory, to deserve the admiration. Unlike men, girls are already beginning to experience more serious feelings, allowing yourself to believe that this is all a symptom of a future serious relationship.

As soon as he understands that I am a chosen one, he will feel safe because is completely sure that she will not leave. At this point, he will show everything to prove how she was right and that it is better for her to find.

The most unexpected stage

A very unexpected moment when men fall in love is that a man, having satisfied his passion, will think about whether to continue the relationship or he is not ready for them yet. At the moment, he will appreciate how his lady suits him, whether she is with whom he can spend his whole life, whether he wants children from her, and whether she makes him happy. A man will remember all the quarrels, situations and moments about which a woman could have long forgotten. Passion recedes, and he begins to think more rationally, evaluating everything that happens in the long term. His human qualities become important to him, and what his chosen one can give him.

Now man is in love with

If the representative of the stronger physical relationship responds positively to all the questions posed, it means that he is really in love. Everything suits him. Even when according to someone, his girlfriend is far from ideal, he thinks quite the opposite and it is impossible to convince him, he will give vent to his feelings and allow himself to plunge into them with his head.

In the case of negative answers, very soon he will go in search of another, at best having bothered, to find a more or less plausible reason why he should part.


Some psychology how to fall in love

To explain the process of how a man falls in love, the details impossible. He is too personal and is based on the mental qualities of the one who experiences it.

But to find men who are similar to each other, a thing foredoomed to failure. Therefore, there are only a few stages, describing in General terms how men fall in love in most situations.

But this is enough in order to learn about the opposite field, something not only new but also important. After all, knowing what a man feels when in love it is necessary to adjust own behavior and words and to do something that will finally conquer his heart or with the least losses to get out of the relationship that leads nowhere.

If you have read or heard the results of the population census it is likely, was surprised by the fact that in the country, more women consider themselves married than married men. And all by the fact that even living together, beautifully called “civil” marriage does not mean that the partner considers himself unfree and having a wife that has to provide.

For many, this is a convenient way to enjoy the comforts of home at the same time avoiding unnecessary liabilities. Only good news is that not all men are careless to those who confessed to love and who have decided to live together.

Still, to protect themselves and to avoid problems in the future, it is necessary to examine more carefully the person with whom you are dealing with. His aspirations, worldview, principles, how it lives, all the steps that he goes through when falling in love before will know what feels for a girl actually.

This will help to protect the beauties from bitter disappointment and hasty choices.

Personal life is not a draft, which can be rewritten. And those who do not want to regret about mistakes made, seeking not just to study the available information but also to apply it in practice, drawing attention to the behavior of the representatives of the stronger physical relationship to make sure those feelings that they need, he feels.

Before falling in love, the man is going through several stages that are radically different from what women feel.

The stronger physical relationship first a long time know a girl who interested him and then allows himself to make a decision: to give vent to your feelings or not. As this is not surprising, but they are able to keep their emotions to themselves, skillfully controlling them, though for anybody, not a secret that men are less emotional than women.

In contrast to the beautiful half of humanity, they are not going in the pool with his head. It’s hard to explain it without going into the jungle psychology, but to put it in simple language, we can say: so arranged their psyche. And nothing can be done here.

Women subconsciously see every partner, a potential husband, and the man falls in love immediately, but after a certain period of time, or not happen at all, even if he has long cared for the one that got him interested. There are, of course, exceptions, such as love at first sight. But the exceptions usually prove the rule.

Because often girls write that are believed to meet someone who will make them happy, and instead young people are surprised to notice that it is not so or even worse asked to leave with no explanation. This behavior can shock and injure, but also affect self-esteem and, as a consequence, for further privacy.

A man in love willing to move mountains just to be with someone who was able to conquer his heart. But if not, don’t waste time, better to try to immediately forget those who dare to get your hopes up and then throw. To stop being the prey, try to change the process of falling in love to which he instinctively used to.


The only thing in this situation, a woman can do is not to rush things and more soberly and dispassionately to relate to those who showed interest in it, not to build castles in the air, not to prepare to offer hands and hearts in advance. Not to try immediately to surround with care, to pause, let him show you what kind of person he is. And only then make the decision whether to let him into your heart. It will protect from unnecessary stress, worries, collapsed hopes, and the emergence of a convenient but very insidious idea that all men, really bad men. As the saying goes: “forewarned is forearmed”.

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