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Every year the equipment is updated on the market. Following the progress, the quantity and quality of computers are growing. The parameters of the machines are improved, the dimensions are reduced. Naturally, the price will also increase. Modern computers can perform thousands of operations per minute. A person for this would need if not hundreds, then dozens of years. Precisely for such tasks, scientists and invented super-powerful computers.

1. Fujitsu K

Fujitsu K

The leader of the list is Fujitsu K. Again, Japan, which did not spare 1.2 billion dollars. While Japanese cars occupy the first places on our list, but the speed of development of this sphere is so great that they also need to try hard to leave these positions behind them. Fujitsu K in the fourth place in the world in terms of speed, by 2011, the benchmark in the performance of 11 petaflops, was overcome. Serving “Fujitsu” is spent 10 million dollars. The energy consumed by the computer is equal to the energy consumption of 10,000 homes in Japan.

2. Earth Simulator

Earth Simulator

Second place – Earth Simulator. It is collected in Japan, for 500 million dollars. Its history begins back in 1997, its price at that time is 60 billion yen. If to take for today, it is half a billion dollars. The end of development is timed to 2002, the agency of aerospace research ordered it for their experiments. From 2002 to 2004 – the fastest car in the world. At the beginning of the zero, he was on hearing almost everyone, but now the noise has subsided. The computer is resistant to earthquakes (rubber supports), as well as lightning (protection, in the form of a nest above the roof).

3. Tianhe-2


Third place, and Tianhe-2! Released in China, as much as 390 million dollars. The world’s fastest computer, about 1,000 scientists, and engineers took part in the development. Guangzhou, the city where the computer is located. For two whole years, she took first place in the Top list – 500 best supercomputers. The Chinese government ordered his defense scientific and technical university. It is capable of performing about 33,000 trillion operations per second. At one o’clock he calculates so much information so that it would take 1.5 million people and time in a thousand years. The work of the machine is to coordinate security systems.

4. Sieraa, Summit

Sieraa, Summit

The fourth place is Sieraa, Summit. Country producer – the United States, these two machines should return to America its former leadership in the field of computer technology, as well as in the development of science and the economy as a whole. 2017 is appointed as the year of introduction into the exhalation, with the calculation – “Sierra” – 100 petaflops, and “Summit” will have to work on the power of 300 petaflops! Computers should protect, safety and effectiveness of US nuclear policy. The most expensive cars in the world. “Summit” should replace “Titan” – an outdated computer testing applications in various fields of science.

5. ASC Purple and Bluegene / L

Asc Purple And Bluegene / L

The fifth-place – ASC Purple and Bluegene / L. The budget is $ 290 million, the location is the United States. The set consists of 2 machines, which the Ministry of Energy ordered from IBM. In 2005, in the laboratory named after Ernest Lawrence, ASC Purple and Bluegene / L were first earned. 2010 – the operation of the machines is stopped. In 2007, ASC Purple was already at 66th place, on the list of the best computers. “Bluegene / L” was considered a slower and weaker version. Their goal was the projection of nuclear tests, observation, and analysis of the density of the atmosphere, based on its contamination. The evolution of the machines from 2002 to 2005 allowed us to calculate that these two machines were equal in power to 500 super-power computers of 2002. But for today they are only on the 5th place in the list of the most expensive computers in the world.

6. Sequoia BlueGene

Sequoia Bluegene

The sixth position is Sequoia BlueGene. The budget spent on development and implementation is about $ 250 million. The National Nuclear Security Administration ordered the development of this facility. In the academy of Ernest Lawrence, the city of Livermorsk, in 2012, the first launch was made. In 2014, he was the leader in speed in the world. Today, it ranks third in speed and sixth in terms of price policy. The performance is simply impressive – 20 petaflops! Now “Seqouia” supports record scientific applications. It is also used to study climate, astronomy, the human genome, and support for nuclear weapons.

7. Trinity


7 place – Trinity. United States of America – 174 million dollars. Given the tasks assigned to this machine, you could expect a great price, but in the course of development, the latest innovations were used, which helped to save the budget and cut costs. The task of “Trinity” is to monitor the safety and integrity of the US nuclear system. The Sandia and Los Alamos laboratories jointly developed this system, which has not yet been put into circulation. But with the threat of a nuclear conflict, it is Trinity, which will be responsible for launching the missiles.

8. SuperMUC


8 position – SuperMUC. Made in Germany, for 111 million dollars. This computer is also on the 14th place in the list of the fastest cars in the world. A couple of years ago he was in 10th place, but as progress does not stand still, he lost a couple of positions, giving them to stronger machines. In Germany, according to these indicators, it is in second place (First-JUQUENNE – 8th in speed in the world). The Bavarian Academy of Sciences, the city of Leibniz is the address of this supercomputer. Three petaflops, for today, this is the top performance of SuperMUC. An interesting fact – 1900 processors of this monster, it is cooled by hot water! This innovation gives a reduction in electricity, almost twice. The range of tasks “SuperMUC” includes hydrodynamics, medicine, simulation of earthquakes and much more.

9. Vulcan BlueGene

Vulcan Bluegene

The ninth line for Vulcan BlueGene. Released in the US, the budget is $ 130 million. The huge system, from 24 racks, is developed by firm “IBM”, on state order. Location – California, Livermore. The maximum power is 5 petaflops, which at the moment makes it the 9th, both power, and price in the world. Works since 2013 year. With its help, the Livermore Laboratory conducts experiments in the field of biology, hydromechanics, physics. The US Nuclear Security Administration also uses it for its own purposes.

10. IBM Roadrunner

Ibm Roadrunner

10th place – IBM Roadrunner. Developed in the US, the budget is $ 100 million. The machine is located in the laboratory of Los Alamos, in New Mexico, the first launch was recorded in 2008. The developers expected a maximum performance of 1.7 petaflops (unit of performance). May 2008. IBM Roadrunner achieved a result of 1.03 petaflops, becoming the first in the world to reach this mark. Six months later, the computer achieved a performance of 1.5 petaflops. “Begun” since 2008 took the 4th place, among the most energy-efficient computers in the world. Having worked in the laboratory for five years, in April 2013 was replaced by a more economical and less compact computer “Cielo”. After that, he was tasked with calculating the US nuclear arsenal.

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