Social Media is getting popular day by day, and there are several reasons for its popularity. With huge web traffic on social media, it has become an excellent hub for marketing business online. Numerous affordable social media marketing platforms provide un-ending benefits.

Whether you are doing seasonal social media marketing or looking to promote your own business via social media – it is essential to know and use a social media platform for better results. There are different ways to earn from your social media. You can see our article on how to earn from social.

Social media marketing platforms provide you with leverage to maximize your products or services reach and help engage the right people with your brand to get guaranteed revenue.

Posting regularly on social media platforms by using the right hashtags helps gain popularity for the brand. But when you are looking for a qualified audience and loyal customer building, then you need the help of social media marketers. From creating and publishing the post to reports and analyses of your brand performance, there are vast jobs for social media marketing managers. Thankfully, there are lots of tools that help them work conveniently.

These tools mean social media marketers can make a posting, sharing, and reporting easier than ever. You can save lots of time and reach a maximum number of audiences with ease.

With so many platforms it can be difficult to choose the one that suits you. In this article, we have gathered the top 10 best affordable social media marketing platforms you can use to boost your business. So let’s get started:

1. MixedShare

MixedShare is the most affordable social media marketing platform for all types of businesses. From starters to high-level companies, it provides a solution for social media marketing for all.

MixedShare allows you to grow your business with its incredible tools at quite an affordable price. You can plan, stay organized and manage your social networks like an expert. You can schedule your posts and grow your business like a pro.

MixedShare offers three types of packages – basic, standard, and premium. All three come with many incredible social media marketing tools. Moreover, you can use a trial version for 14 days without entering any credit card details. It is probably one of the most affordable social media marketing on the market.


Visit MixedShare website

2. Buffer

Buffer comes among the top of the most affordable social media marketing platforms. It is a good choice for starters and medium business owners. Many businesses and agencies trust the brand.

It is famous as an intuitive, streamlined social media platform. The brand will help you drive meaningful engagement and remarkable results on social media. The platform offers five different payment plans along with 15 days free trial period.


Visit Buffer website

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is probably considered the biggest social media platform for marketing. You can choose from its three packages and add a maximum number of social sites in one place. You can bulk schedule and use many incredible tools in one place.


Visit Hootsuite website

4. Later

Later is an impressive social media platform for Instagram – it also lets you manage many related social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Moreover, there are four different payment packages users can avail of.


Visit Later website

5. Publer

Publer lets you handle many social media sites, schedule, collaborate, and analyze in one place. You can choose from three different price packages, but it only works best for small businesses.


Visit Publer website

6. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a sweet and straightforward platform to handle many social sites for marketing in one place. It is a free tool and fulfills many basic needs for social media marketing. If you are running a new business, the tool can help a lot.


Visit Crowdfire website

7. ContentStudio

It is a unique social media marketing platform that lets you organize many social sites in one place. Also, it works specifically for publishers and small businesses to get the boost they need exactly. There are four different packages with 14 days free trial period.


Visit ContentStudio website

8. PromoRepublic

The platform lets you manage social media sites, customize your content, and schedule in bulk. There are many built-in tools to schedule posts and run ads. There are two packages, and also you can choose to customize packages.


Visit Promorepublic website

9. Sociamonials

Sociamonials helps to run business to achieve higher success with social media marketing campaigns. You can handle marketing campaigns easily with four different pricing plans.


Visit Socialmonials website

10. MeetEdgar

It is a social marketing platform that provides an incredible strategic shortcut to make your business successful. It will keep your social media active and run your marketing campaigns with its unique marketing tools. There are two pricing plans and a 14-day free trial period.

Meet Edgar

Visit MeedEdgar website

Affordable social media marketing Comparison table

In this table we compare the prices and different features available on the different affordable social media marketing :

Comparison Table

Let’s wrap it up:

Social media marketing platforms let you handle many social sites at one time conveniently. We recommend MixedShare as the best due to its versatility and unique features. So choose the one you like and boost your business like a pro. Good Luck!

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