Best movies of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Every self-respecting film lover has one or more favorite heroes and looks forward to the release of their new films. Others eagerly review the entire filmography of their favorite star. We have prepared the best films for you with Tom Cruise.

1. The Man of the Rain

The Man of the Rain

Year: 1988

Genre: drama

Directed by: Barry Levinson

Running time: 133 minutes

In the center of events is Charlie – a rude and selfish young man who received from his father as a legacy of “Buick”, 1949 year of release. However, a surprise for him was that almost the whole inheritance went to his brother, who is sick with autism.

The plan immediately ripens in Charlie’s mind and he is determined to take his “legitimate” inheritance from his brother. There is a kidnapping that gradually evolves into a sort of odyssey of friendship and self-realization, which erases all borders in the world of Raymond (Charlie’s brother) and Charlie himself, and also helps him get out of the grievous fetters of an insensible soul.

A film that makes you think about many things and rethink some aspects of your life. No wonder he is on the 75th place in the TOP-250 according to the film search.

Cinema Search: 8,255

2. The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai

Year: 2003

Genre: Action, Drama, Military

Director: Edward Zwick

Running time: 154 minutes

History tells us about Japan in the mid-seventies of the nineteenth century. So Captain Neyton Algren, who is a well-known professional soldier, is hired by the Emperor of Japan to train the newest army of the Land of the Rising Sun with the current art of warfare.

The emperor’s goal is to destroy the samurai, the strongest warriors who served him for centuries with faith and truth. And all in order to better prepare for the pro-Western policy of the government.

The captain undertakes work, but in the first battle falls into captivity. Now he opens the second side of the coin. He gets acquainted with the way of life and the standing of these amazing people.

Cinema Search: 8,058

3. Interview with a Vampire

Interview with a Vampire

Year: 1994

Genre: horror, fantasy, drama

Director: Neil Jordan

Length: 123 minutes

Happens seemingly incredible – a journalist comes to a vampire who wants to tell the story of his long life. The story begins in the distant 1791 when a young planter named Louis decides to die. He has no one else to live for the wife and child are dead, but he himself can not go to them and “is born again” for the gloom.

Cinema Search: 7,967

4. The Face of the Future

The Face of the Future

Year: 2014

Genre: fiction, action, adventure

Director: Doug Lyman

Duration: 113 minutes

A distant future, mankind is technically extremely advanced technology and exoskeletons are already in the grip of everyone, adored. However, even this weapon cannot help save itself from the powerful force that struck the Earth.

On any strength is another force, the technique can destroy the technique, but how to defeat the enemy who controls time? Any step of earthlings, whether it is thrice successful and thoughtful is known to the enemy in advance and it is ready for any outcome.

About this, we will tell Major William Cage, who went to battle, along with thousands of other fighters and died with them. However, it happened incredibly – Cage wakes up at the beginning of the same day and lives it again and again. He got the enemy’s ability and knows what will happen next. Now he has to fight day after day and gradually approach the solution.

Cinema Search: 7,942

5. Dissenting opinion

Dissenting opinion

Year: 2002

Genre: fiction, action, detective

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Running time: 145 minutes

The near future is 2054. History will tell us about the department that warns crimes.

It all started with children with mild mental disabilities, treatment did not help, and they were tortured by nightmares. Children repeatedly had cruel murders, but what a surprise to people when it turned out that these crimes do occur.

Now they are used to prevent homicides – a group of special forces is being nominated to the place of the future crime and does not allow it to be committed. Gradually, such a system is gaining popularity, but the worst is ahead – because you can be judged for something that you did not commit.

So our main character John Anderton, who is the head of the department, once falls under suspicion. Moreover, he is accused of killing a completely unfamiliar person.

John does not believe in this at all and now he has to start running, so as not to go to jail. The only chance to regain one’s own life is to prove the imperfection of the program and to identify shortcomings. And this can not be allowed, because any breach in the system will undermine confidence in it – how will the population react if there is a chance to imprison an innocent?

Cinema Search: 7,751

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