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Still thinking that why my website isn’t getting too many organic traffic, even when I’m posting new content every week and paid some big money to marketing agencies?

Huh…yeah, that’s a bummer! But think logically because why aren’t people getting attracted to your website. Well, the answer is much simple and may be disheartening to some as well.

The First Rule!

Post quality content. Period. I don’t think I need to ornate this point much because that’s the whole point of working on a website. If you aren’t providing good content or good services, why would someone be interested in visiting your site in the first place!

There may be many fast SEO techniques published on the internet that encourage you to post every day, but let’s think on a pragmatic note – Are you a student who’s running a blog or are you a business owner who is running an own business online?

In both cases, the frequency of your posts very, you might be doing it for a hobby so you might be able to delve your mind into it a frequent number of times in a week and that’s great! But the difference comes when the same kind of strategy is applied by a business owner who is also handling his work and consequently posting content on his website all by his own. Now if you are a Super Human then cool, but believe me it’s not possible for a normal person to do that. And as more than 97% of people are normal beings, you should maintain a balance between your marketing side and technical side.

All comes down to the quality. If you are not able to put quality content every day, don’t put it every day! Update your content every week or every fortnight as you may like.

Guest Blogging

Duh, some might say “yeah we know that but that hasn’t worked quite much for us!”

But that’s because you might not be doing it right. Guest blogging is only successful if you follow these strategies:

  1. Try to guest blog on some blogs which aren’t that famous but have potential because they’ll be working hard to market their own blogs and in turn, you’ll get your attention as well. Win-Win!
  2. Guest blog on sites where your content would be relative, otherwise why would someone read about a cookie recipe on a manufacturing techniques blog? That makes sense!
  3. One more innovative way would be to find some big sites with good traffic numbers, even if they are not exactly your content related. Now find some innovative connection between the two and post something new that has never been put up on that website before. But that connection is what you’ll have to work upon!
  4. Always spread and market your guest posts along with your own posts. It adds on to your mutual gain and the other person also thinks that you are thankful to have the opportunity to post on their blog.

Well, these are some tips, but don’t hold your horses; you never know what new ideas you can come up with!

Find your own way

Don’t always go for something that everyone is doing. Don’t go for the topics which are too popular for you to be left unrecognized in the crowd. Because believe it or not, there will always be people better than you, no matter wherever you are. So try to be unique or be more specific in your choice of words and that’s how you come out of the crowd. And in that sense, the search engines such as Google and Bing also remain happy with you!

So, in conclusion, the best way to attract more organic traffic is to make quality content and be consistent with your postings. Along with it don’t underestimate the power of your fellow competitors, instead, work with them to make your business or service bigger. Partner up!

And lastly, always show your passion into whatever you do otherwise don’t do it. It’s just a waste of money, time and data on the internet!

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