Best movies of Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is a popular Hollywood actor who makes us happy with new films from year to year. Surely, many of us were wondering “what is the most successful film in the actor’s career?”. We have prepared the best films for you with Kevin Costner. Now the question will not remain unanswered.

1. Dancing with wolves

Dancing with wolves

Year: 1990

Genre: drama, adventure, western

Director: Kevin Costner

Duration: 236 minutes

We are transported to the US during the Civil War. The story will tell us about Lieutenant John Dunbar, who was wounded in battle and asks for a change of duty to the western border of the United States. This place is a small fort. His immediate commander committed suicide, and the fellow traveler was sent to the next world by the Indians immediately after Dunbar was in place. Now he is left alone in the forte and must survive in harsh conditions. After all, he is alone with the wild nature. In addition, it is surrounded by indigenous inhabitants of the continent, who are at all ill-disposed. He is abandoned by all. However, over time, he still gets accustomed and starts to keep a diary.

Cinema Search: 8,109

2. Perfect World

Perfect World

Year: 1993

Genre: thriller, drama, crime

Director: Clint Eastwood

Duration: 138 minutes

The film will tell us about Butch Heins. He is a criminal who has already survived a lot and now he has to flee with a young hostage. Malets sees in him a father whom he never had.

He sits on the trail an experienced Texas ranger – the leader of the sheriffs Red Garnett. He is smart and cunning, and also perfectly oriented on the terrain. In these places, he knows absolutely everything – from the most inconspicuous path to the best hiding places. Moreover, he is already familiar with Haynes, because once they cross paths.

Cinema Search: 7,969

3. Rescuer


Year: 2006

Genre: drama, adventure

Director: Andrew Davis

Running time: 139 minutes

We have to get acquainted with the history of Ben Randall – a legend among all swimmers-rescuers. He suffered a great misfortune during the next assignment. A huge wave hit the rescue helicopter and the whole crew died. Randall survived only because he was in the water. The heavy burden that he must bear the rest of his life, does not give him peace. To at least somehow distract from this, he decides to go to the academy and train young rescuers.

In the group comes a talented swimmer with a character. He is Jake Fisher, young and energetic, is a swimming champion of the state. Nobody knows why he at his level and abilities went to the rescue swimmers.

Training is already nearing the end and soon both of them will have to go to Alaska, namely to the Bering Sea, where they again have to face the elements.

Cinema Search: 7,964

4. Bodyguard


Year: 1992

Genre: Action, Drama, Melodrama

Director: Mick Jackson

Duration: 129 minutes

The story will tell us about Frank Farmer, who works in the presidential security service. He is an excellent specialist who knows his work well and treats work very scrupulously. During his absence, the president was assassinated, in which Frank certainly blames himself.

Over time, he has to leave the service, and to at least somehow make ends meet he is hired to guard the black singer Rachel Marron, who now and then receives various letters with threats. As is customary in our world, the original antipathy reaching almost to hatred has smoothly degenerated into a deeper feeling called love. This is very bad for work because Frank is becoming more difficult to fulfill his duty.

Cinema Search: 7,93

5. John F. Kennedy: Shots in Dallas

Shots in Dallas

Year: 1991

Genre: thriller, drama, history

Director: Oliver Stone

Duration: 181 minutes

It’s about 1963. The whole world stopped before TVs after news of the assassination of the US president, John F. Kennedy in Dallas. A well-known story that tells about the events right after the murder. Vice President Lyndon Jones swears allegiance to the people, and the police have already detained the world-famous Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine.

It is he who will soon be charged with murder. However, in the case, there are a lot of mistakes and inconsistencies that were committed during the investigation. Also, the death of twelve witnesses is alarming. All this leads to the emergence of more and more new versions. Prosecutor Jim Garrison considers it his duty to conduct his own investigation, which may help to answer the question: who killed the US president?

Cinema Search: 7,872

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