Signs of Cheating wife

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Cheating Wife

Signs of Cheating wife: If you suspect that your relationship with your wife is something wrong, perhaps you should think about your wife’s infidelity.

Even if you believe that your marriage is something special and inviolable, and female infidelity occurs can not look at the behavior of its second half.

There are signs of your wife’s infidelity, by which to judge of the probability of the existence of the affair.

Below we will highlight some of the signs of infidelity.

And if you notice some or most of them, your marriage is in trouble.

Cheating wife. Signs of infidelity


  1. Your intuition tells you that something is wrong. If you feel that you are being deceived, you are most likely being deceived.
  2. Have doubts about your wife’s loyalty? Ask her directly about this in the wrong context for this question. If there has been a betrayal, it is more likely that the spouse, due to the lack of sufficient time to prepare for the answer to the question posed, will stupidly look at one point, not knowing what to answer.
  3. Your wife ceases to trust you, does not turn to you for advice and does not share her feelings.
  4. You can find gifts for men that you will never be given.
  5. She begins to give you gifts to smooth out her guilt.

Unusual behavior

  1. Your wife appears without a wedding ring or suddenly stops wearing it, citing unconvincing arguments as an explanation for this. This also applies to the jewelry that you gave her if your spouse used to wear them all the time.
  2. She changes the usual order of behavior at work and at home for no apparent reason. Promiscuous behavior.
  3. She seems distant, shows a lack of interest in you, or shows an inexplicable alienation that did not exist before.
  4. She is suddenly forgotten, and you must repeat it to her several times. Her thoughts seem to be somewhere else.
  5. Your wife suddenly begins to completely ignore you and stops listening to what you say, or vice versa, she suddenly begins to treat you very kindly, with more redundant feelings than usual.
  6. She encourages your trips out of town or on a business trip as if trying to expel you from home.
  7. She begins to deliberately flirt with the opposite sex, and this has never happened before.

Control over the conception of children

If you found contraceptives in your spouse’s things, and you were convinced that you were trying to have children, you should be wary.

Fragrances and shower

  1. She leaves the house in the morning, fragrant as usual, and returns in the evening with unusual smells.
  2. She comes home and heads straight to the shower or bath.
  3. Her clothes smell like unfamiliar men’s toilet water.
  4. She used the same perfume for many years but suddenly decided to change them.

Social discomfort

  1. Your mutual friends begin to behave strangely towards you because they either know about the betrayal, or they were told stories about what a terrible spouse you are.
  2. Your wife’s employees feel awkward in your presence because they know more than you.
  3. Your spouse avoids sharing social events with you, i.e. she doesn’t want to appear in public with you.
  4. You annoy the howling wife, and she easily falls into a state of anger while in your company.

Phone and laptop

Mobile phone

  1. You get the feeling that your wife is not breaking up with her cell phone.
  2. She takes the phone with her when she goes to the bath.
  3. She mutes the phone overnight.
  4. She puts the phone display to the surface of the table.
  5. She deletes incoming and outgoing calls so you don’t see them.
  6. She forbids you to use her mobile phone.
  7. She suddenly set the screen lock.
  8. She is constantly texting with someone.
  9. She receives mysterious phone calls that seem to make no sense, and when you ask who called, she replies: “Nobody”, “Wrong number”, “Yes, it doesn’t matter”, “Why do you need to know this?”, “ Do you suspect me of anything? ”
  10. As a result of your answer to an incoming call to her phone number, the caller hangs up after hearing your voice. Usually, when a person dials the wrong number, he, before hanging up, will ask: “Can Petya be?”
  11. She hastily picks up the phone to answer the call before you do so.
  12. She leaves the room to talk on the phone.
  13. She whispers while talking on the phone.
  14. She behaves differently or suddenly ends the phone call when you enter the room.
  15. She went to visit her friend, but for some reason her phone became unavailable.


  1. Excessive Internet usage, especially late night, is a negative sign.
  2. Your wife does not allow you to use your laptop, and also protects the laptop with a password.
  3. She suddenly closes her laptop when you enter the room.
  4. She carefully guards access to her accounts on social networks.
  5. She erases the history in the browser after using the laptop.

Changes in behavior

  1. She raises hypothetical questions, such as: “Do you think it is possible to love two people at the same time?”
  2. She suddenly shows interest in music that she did not like before.
  3. She loses attention while doing housework and seems oblivious, distracted as if she doesn’t care.
  4. Her attitude towards all family members in the house, including children, is changing.
  5. She loses the desire to do homework, stops cooking, tidying up the house, etc. However, she may accuse you of never doing anything or treating your child badly.
  6. She always gets tired or shows a noticeable loss of interest in relationships.
  7. She sleeps at night separately from you.
  8. If you go to bed in the same bed at different times, and she tells you not to wait for her, if you have always done so before.
  9. She asks about your schedule more often than usual, wanting to know where and when you will be.
  10. Talking to you, she treats you offensively, with contempt, disrespect or excessive sarcasm. She can begin to find fault with everything you do to justify your betrayal.
  11. She has become extremely critical and sometimes taunts you.
  12. To blunt her guilt, she accuses you of treason.
  13. She intensifies the situation and causes a quarrel so that she has a reason to leave home.
  14. She reluctantly kisses you or criticizes you for being overly attentive.

The changes in her life

  1. She enrolled in the gym, although she previously hated exercise.
  2. Your wife buys new sexy underwear but does not show it to you.
  3. She suddenly became preoccupied with her appearance.
  4. She suddenly changed her hair or dress style.
  5. She started buying just a lot of different clothes.
  6. She began to spend a lot of time with her friends.
  7. She fails to maintain eye contact with you when you ask her why she is late for home, how her night went if you didn’t spend her together, or why she began to pay so much attention to her appearance.

Automotive signs of infidelity wife

  1. The passenger seat is configured differently than you configured it.
  2. Your wife removes a child’s seat or toys from the car for no particular reason.
  3. You find suspicious objects in the car, such as phone numbers, receipts, condoms, or strange hair.
  4. She takes interchangeable clothes hidden in the trunk of a car.
  5. The car has an unexplained mileage or lack of mileage.
  6. She went to the store for half an hour and returned after 5 hours.

Expenses by credit card

  1. You find credit card receipts for gifts you haven’t received (such as men’s watches).
  2. You find credit card purchases from places you don’t know or places that look suspicious.
  3. You notice an increase in cash withdrawals from ATMs on your bank statement.
  4. She stopped asking you to pay bills for her mobile phone and does it herself, because the duration of calls and the cost of calls look excessive.
  5. You notice unusual expenses in your bank account that you weren’t aware of.

Sexual signs of a cheating wife

  1. She is no longer interested in making love to you or comes up with various excuses to do this as little as possible (no mood, headache, straining at work, the gynecologist forbids).
  2. Changes in her sexual behavior. She suddenly begins to do in sex that which she had never done before, which her lover might have taught.
  3. She reluctantly kisses you and does not show affection for you.
  4. Unexplained scratches or bruises appear on her body (neck, back).
  5. She suddenly wants to have sex much more often.


  1. She began working more hours than usual.
  2. She supposedly works a lot of overtime, which is not paid in any way.
  3. Her usual work schedule is changing for no apparent reason.
  4. She gets very angry if you call her at work.
  5. Her phone is often unavailable when you try to reach her during business hours.
  6. She calls you back for a long time.
  7. She prefers to attend corporate parties alone and tries to dissuade you from participating in them.
  8. She begins to go on business trips more often and does not even allow you to give her a lift to the station or airport.
  9. You accidentally became aware that she took a vacation at her own expense or part of another vacation, while in those days she allegedly worked.
  10. She is at home much less often than before.
  11. She is often late from work and always has an excuse.
  12. She claims that she has problems at work if you start asking what is wrong.

You can hear from her

  1. “This guy and I are just friends (colleagues)! You should have seen him … “
  2. “Why are you asking about this ?!”
  3. “What nonsense! I don’t even want to talk about it! ”
  4. “I need you to respect my personal space!”
  5. “I’m not sure if I love you …”
  6. “I need time to understand myself and my feelings.”

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