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Stars of the 2000s then and now: how today look like the idols of your youth

Christina Aguilera

The wonderful 2000s pleased us with an abundance of good performers. We listened to their songs, saw every day on the screens, copied their style and dreamed of ever seeing live.

But then these individuals began to appear less and less insight. And we, forgetting about our devotion, switched to others: young, new, fresh. It’s interesting to find out what the old favorites look like now, perhaps we absolutely unjustifiably deprived them of attention all these years.

1. Rihanna

The singer has not lost her popularity and beauty over the years. Of a lovely girl, of which thousands, she turned into a real diva, one in a million.


2. Kanye West

In zero, the rapper was like a guy from our yard, singing about problems with studies and short-term relationships with girls. Then he married Kim Kardashian, got three children and became more serious. Now he does not need to emphasize his status with massive gold chains.

Kanye West

3. Bill Kaulitz

The vocalist of the German band Tokio Hotel was the idol of many girls in the 2000s. A thin guy with makeup, manicure, and streaked hair. The admirers would not recognize him when they saw him. Bill has matured, matured and began to wear a distinctive sign – decoration in the nose.

Bill Kaulitz

4. Ranetki

Girl from teenagers looking for themselves in emo culture turned into adult women and even ladies who found their style.


5. Christina Aguilera

From a girl with colorful hair, pink lipstick and blue shadows, dressed in a narrow top, she turned into a spectacular lady in normal clothes. True, a little stout for this time and pumped up my lips. But fans forgave her those little things.

Christina Aguilera

6. Maksim

In the 2000s, the singer performed very romantic songs, under which they dreamed of love and cried all sensitive people. From her, they were waiting for new albums as passionately as for the new series of favorite TV shows. But Maksim got married, gave birth to two children and left the stage. At the same time, it externally remained as beautiful as it used to be: a red-haired fairy with green eyes.


7. Natalia Oreiro

Who does not remember the naive and mischievous Milagros from the series “Wild Angel”. Acting for this role, Natalia Oreiro is already 41, but you can not tell from her.

Natalia Oreiro

8. Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne wore shapeless clothes, brought her eyes in thick black pencil, walked in sneakers and did not forget to take skate everywhere with her. Over time, she learned to move around in cars and apply restrained makeup. Change has benefited her.

Avril lavigne

There was nostalgia? Do not forget more about your idols! They are popular, while in demand.

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