Women: Scientists from the Fox Chase Cancer Center in the United States concluded that estrogen exacerbates exposure to tobacco smoke, which can trigger cancer. Given that estrogen is a female hormone, cancer-related oncology, in the first place, threatens women.

A number of experiments have shown that in the tissues of the lungs, estrogen is able to transform into carcinogens that activate the growth of cancer cells even without exposure to smoke. If tobacco smoke enters the lungs, the level of harmful substances in females doubles. Experiments were carried out only on laboratory mice. Scientists are going to check the designated trend in humans, and while the research is going on, they recommend that women, if possible, refrain from smoking.

In addition to the weaker sex, sweet soda is contraindicated. It causes fat deposits in the waist area (abdominal fat), which provokes heart disease, strokes and diabetes. The reason, again, is in hormones. Abdominal fat contributes to the production of hormones that inhibit the production of insulin, which can lead to diabetes or heart failure. Men are more resistant to the formation of abdominal fat and can drink more soda without compromising health.



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