Beautiful makeup takes a lot of time, which is only the design of the eyebrows and the correct application of highlighter. We decided to share with you secrets, thanks to which you can do a natural make-up in 7 minutes.

There are moments when time is categorically not enough (especially in the morning, before work). At such moments, the main thing is to distribute it correctly and remain calm. Make a light make-up will help several beauty products that can be found in any cosmetic bag.

Turn on the makeup countdown.


In order to make an even face tone, you need two minutes. Apply with a brush or tactile bb-cream. By the way, did you know that there are drop-products that can be applied by hand? It is very convenient. A couple of drops to rub in the palms and drive with your fingertips. If necessary – use concealer.

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The next step is to blush. Apply a little pigment according to the “three points” scheme: use the brush on the upper part of the cheek and blend (down, then to the side). This will give the skin a fresh and rested appearance. Easy contouring with brown bronzer (pressed) in a few seconds. Enough to walk on the oval face and cheekbones.



So it was the turn of the favorite highlighter. For makeup in a few minutes, you need to choose your convenient format and texture. Most popular: liquid or dry. Add shine to your cheekbones and add natural volume to your lips (apply pigment over your upper lip).

Makeup girl


Eyebrow shaping is an important part of makeup that should not be lowered. Pay special attention to eyebrow bending. It should be as smooth as possible.


There is no time to do full eye makeup, so go through the eyelids with a translucent shade and apply your favorite mascara. To make the look as expressive as possible – add white pigment or highlighter under the tail of the eyebrow.

Makeup brush

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You can breathe out! 30 seconds are left and the last step is to emphasize your lips. In order for it to take a minimum of time, there must always be a favorite shine “at hand”.

Lip gloss L'oreal Paris
L’Oreal Paris Lip Gloss


Five seconds is a great time to take your favorite perfume off the shelf and complete the daily look. We have prepared a beauty test, thanks to which you will select your perfect bottle.

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