Pickup, pickups: what is it


Pickup is the art of seduction; the type of human activity, as well as the name of the social movement (usually male), which aims to develop the necessary skills in men with which they can subsequently find a girl without any problems, seduce her and, if there is a desire, build a relationship.

Basically, a pickup truck answers the question “How to seduce a woman?”, But is not limited to this.

Any interaction with people becomes a source of personal development, as well as improving oneself in the field of communication. And the pickup is no exception.

A pickup truck is a man who picks up. Well, what can I say … Almost every man is a little pikaper.

History of the pickup truck

History of the pickup truck


In popular science literature, the idea of a pickup truck was first reflected in the book ” Whom does a woman want? A practical guide to erotic seduction” by psychologists Albert Ellis and Roger Conway (USA), published in 1967.

In 1970, the book “How to meet girls” by Eric Weber (USA) was born, which laid the foundation for the theory of the modern pickup truck.

It was Erik Weber who established the word pickup in the context of the seduction of women.


At the same time, in the 1960s and 1970s, John Grinder and Richard Bandler (USA) jointly developed a new direction in psychotherapy and practical psychology-NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

To put it simply, NLP, thanks to various techniques of verbal and nonverbal influence on another person, helps to force him to do something that he did not originally intend to do.

For sure, anyone who has encountered direct sales, acting as a” salesman”, has adopted some of the principles and techniques of NLP.

Ross Jeffries

In the late 1980s, Ross Jeffries (USA), who studied NLP under Richard Bandler, later applied his knowledge and skills to create his own method, called “quick seduction”.

It is Ross Jeffries who is considered the founder of the pick-up movement.

In 1992, Ross Jeffries, under the pseudonym Gregory Madison, wrote a book “How to get into bed with the woman of your dreams”. There is no doubt that the book was infused with various manipulative techniques that grew out of NLP.

In 1994, a student of Ross Jeffries created an Internet community dedicated to seducing women, i.e., this year dates the birth of the pickup movement as such. This Internet resource gave rise to a wave of various forums and sites, the purpose of which was to exchange information on the topic of pickup trucks.

The main problem with the theoretical part of the pickup truck of the 90s was the obvious complexity of its practical application.

If you are not a psychologist who has been practicing NLP for a long time, then it is very difficult for you to start applying these techniques.

Imagine it for yourself. You are a novice seducer and therefore scared to hell of girls. And instead of approaching a stranger in a relaxed state and starting a casual conversation, you are trembling with fear, trying to remember what technique to use at this or that moment, think about rapport, coherence and other elements of the NLP theoretical base.

This is difficult at least, and impossible at most.

In addition, often the manipulative approach of the nascent pickup truck came into conflict with moral principles. A considerable number of people considered pickup trucks unethical and criticized them.

Therefore, pickup methods have entered the path of evolution in accordance with emerging needs.

Mystery books

Erik von Markowik (Canada), a prominent figure in the pickup scene, also known as Mystery, decided to keep up with his predecessors and in 2005 published the book “Method of Mystery”, in which the pickup took a form that more closely corresponds to the moral standards of society, as well as became clearer to learn and easier to apply.

In addition, the very approach to determining the effectiveness of seduction has changed.

For the first time, more attention was paid not so much to the development of various techniques, but to the awareness of the male value in the eyes of women and better positioning yourself in the communication process, i.e. the main thing is who you are, how you see yourself, and not how many techniques you have worked out.

Even Ross Jeffries himself, despite the obvious NLP orientation of his book, reflected the following lines in it:

Success with women has nothing to do with what you do with them, or how you treat them. This success depends on how you feel about yourself.

Ross Jeffries

Mystery formulated the answer to the question, what do attractive men have, as follows: they have a high social value, or ” high value for survival and reproduction.”

The value of reproduction includes a man’s appearance and health.

Survival value includes financial security, physical strength, leadership skills, resilience in conflict situations, the ability to solve problems, and others.

Mystery notes that a man’s value for survival is prioritized in the eyes of most women over his value for reproduction.

It follows that in order to become attractive, you should start building a career, earn enough money, play sports and develop self-confidence, without avoiding conflicts and life problems.

Markovik agrees with this, but his idea has a slightly different meaning.

If a young man has a high value for survival, but at the same time tries to impress the girl, to interest her in this (bragging about money, position, etc.), he will most likely not achieve his goal.

By showing off and trying to ingratiate himself, on the contrary, he shows his low value, because he gives away a person who lacks attention. He begins to act as a person in need.

This prompted Markovik to think that it is not so important what value a man has, it is important how he behaves.

Therefore, the cornerstone of his method was the” demonstration ” of high value, which turns on the desired switch in a woman.

It is often emphasized that one must be sure. But in fact, an important internal state in renting is comfort. Your body should reflect this. Relax, relax your eyelids, take a piece of space that is convenient for you. Sit back and feel at home.

Mystery books

Thus, the mystery was the first to lay the foundations for such a direction of the pickup movement as social dynamics, the development of which He took up…

Tyler Durden

Owen cook (nickname-Tyler, Tyler Durden, TD), Canada – in a sense, a student of Mystery and Neil Strauss, who developed his theory of seduction Real Social Dynamics (RSD).

The RSD is based on social dynamics, i.e. a pickup truck without the usual tactics and patterns. Tyler developed the concept of the value and brought it to its logical conclusion.

Tyler believes that anyone can become attractive, regardless of their mores, views, and social status. Appearance, income, and age have very little impact on attractiveness.

Your attractiveness is not your actions, but your inner essence. This is not something that can be achieved by learning the pickup technique, as many people think. This can only be achieved through an awareness of what it means to be yourself and how to reveal your best side.

Tyler Durden

What they teach in a pickup truck

What they teach in a pickup truck

Let’s take a look at the basic skills that are developed during pickup training sessions.

What phrases to start Dating with

Often men are very much fixated on what is best to say to the girl at the moment of approach.

To approach a girl, you will be instructed with what phrases to Start Dating. Maybe you will be told that the best phrase at the moment of approach will be the one that comes to your mind at that moment.

Over time, you will learn that the phrases themselves don’t have a fundamental meaning.

How to approach a girl and get acquainted

Fear of approaching a stranger to get to know each other, especially in a place not provided for dating, is similar to the fear of public speaking. In short, for most men, the ambush is total.

But it’s one thing to make a successful approach, and another to walk away after being rejected. The fear of rejection is inextricably linked with the fear of approach.

But in general, the problem is the lack of experience that you will be forced to work on at pickup training sessions.

Perhaps you will be told that there is nothing terrible about approaching girls (and it is true), that you should not look at a girl solely as an object of attraction, but should look at her as an ordinary person, for example, as a cleaner who sweeps the street with a broom.

You will understand everything, nod your head and agree, but when the moment comes to approach and meet a girl on the street, you will be overcome by jitters.

Imagine that you decided to make a jump from a bridge on an elastic band. You thought that the preparatory stage would last forever, when suddenly, addressing you, the instructor shouted ” Jump”, but for some reason, your legs do not obey. You’re not an inch closer to the edge of the cliff.

Therefore, sometimes you need a person next to you, who will push you forward when all your nature will demand to stay in place in your habitual comfort zone.

And when you jump off the bridge and fall down, you will be overcome by indescribably strong emotions. Perhaps you will survive the wild horror.

But the moment the elastic is pulled tight and you start to climb, your fear is magically transformed into delight in an instant. You will have an amazing experience.

When you make dating attempts on the street as part of pick-up training, there will be a support service nearby – a pick-up trainer who will make sure that you receive a magical Pendell and don’t abandon your original plan.

And after making several approaches to girls, something inside you will break down. You will never be the same again.

How to get a phone number from a girl

One of the reasons for your approach to the girl will be the further development of your acquaintance, for which you, of course, will have to exchange contacts with her.

How to talk to a girl on the phone

To ask a girl out on a date, you will have to call her and communicate audibly.

They will tell you when to call a girl, what to say to her, and also, perhaps, share ways to create intrigue and incite a woman’s desire to meet you with the help of correspondence in messengers even before making a phone call.

How to spend a date

The preparatory stages are over, and you are already very close to the climax.

So you will be trained:

Is it worth taking pickup training sessions

The seduction of women can be learned independently and without training on pickup trucks.

The advantages of passing pick-up-training:

  1. Learning is faster.
  2. By paying the money, you will be more responsible for your tasks.
  3. There will always be support next to you, so excuses like “Hey, I’m tired today, I’ll do it tomorrow” will not be allowed.

In other words, if you don’t feel sorry for money or have problems with willpower, it’s better to sign up for pickup training.

Pros and cons of a pickup truck

Pros and cons of a pickup truck

Advantages of a pickup truck
  1. You have no problem with the lack of love adventures in your life, at least in theory. In practice, much depends on you.
  2. You can find the best candidate for the role of a girl for a serious relationship if you develop the necessary skills in the pickup truck.
  3. It makes it much easier for you to get along with people, and not just women.
  4. You become better and more confident in yourself by getting rid of many of them if the pickup itself as a whole does not contradict your nature.
  5. You learn to create circumstances, not be a hostage to them.
Disadvantages of a pickup truck
  1. You can become a consumer of women because the value of women in your eyes is falling.
  2. Girls start to look the same.
  3. There may be a thought: “what if I can find even better”, which makes it difficult for you to stop your choice and start a relationship.
  4. It is possible that without getting the expected result, negative precipitation will occur.

Who are pickups

Who are the charge

Who are pick-up trucks? The opinion of ordinary citizens from the outside
  • A pick-up truck is a man who collects girls ‘ phone numbers.
  • He picks on girls in the streets.
  • He’s trying to make a big deal out of it.
  • An insecure guy who is clumsily trying to pass himself off as a real man.
  • Scoundrel.
  • Womanizer.
  • He has a problem with women.
  • He doesn’t value women.
  • It is driven only by the realization of male needs.
  • Interesting, fun personality.
  • Frivolous.
Who are pick-up trucks? Opinion from the inside
  • A pick-up truck that has a result is a man who has decided to become successful with women.
  • He strives for personal development.
  • He likes women.
  • He knows how to seduce women.
  • He has overcome the fear of approaching a woman, or rather, reduced the level of its impact on himself.
  • He doesn’t care about rejection.
  • He knows how to start communication and develop it in the right direction.
  • He gets pleasure from the process of Dating if the pickup truck itself has not yet bored him.
  • A pick-up truck with a successful experience really has a lot of women.
  • He knows what he wants.
  • The pickup truck does not reason, but acts.
  • Most often, he is an open, cheerful and positive person.

In general, just as every social sphere includes people with completely different levels of culture, education, moral principles and personal characteristics, pick-up trucks are similarly different.

And if a person, so to speak, as a person is not very, then in a pickup truck he will behave accordingly.

What are the goals of the pickup truck
  1. Seduce a girl.
  2. Find a decent girl for a relationship.
  3. Improving communication skills.
  4. Personal development.
  5. Spend time fun and interesting.
  6. Something else on his mind.

The terminology of a pickup truck

The terminology of a pickup truck

Closer and further. A typical manipulative technique of behavior, which is based on the demonstration of its value and the manifestation of measured interest. On the one hand, you show that the girl is interesting to you, on the other, you don’t get too close to her in order to stir up interest.

Delusional generator. The ability to constantly speak without thinking. Sometimes you don’t need to be knowledgeable in many areas to speak on any topic. Sometimes it’s enough to master a delusional generator.

Ballot stuffing. Approach a girl with the goal of getting acquainted in a state of no internal dialogue. The first three throws are recommended for acceleration (warming up).

Internal state. This is very important. As they say, if you don’t love yourself, then no one will love you. You will have to learn to accelerate your state to a level where you are happy with yourself, the world around you and feel a sincere interest in everything that is happening around you. You will be surprised that people will start to react differently to you as if they have known you for a long time and are happy to see you, even though they suspect your treacherous plans.

Internal dialogue. Any person is characterized by reflection – paying attention to himself, which is a very strong obstacle when meeting a girl. Therefore, any seducer at the time of the throw-in should be able to turn off his thoughts and not think about anything, remaining in the moment. Who and what will think about you – no matter how it is, it will be so. Lack of internal dialogue is an important element of effective dating.

Magic pill. A technique after which you can seduce any girl. In reality, it does not exist. Men often like to attribute some memorized phrase to a magic pill to start dating, thanks to which the girl will miraculously be at their place, walking around the apartment in one underwear.

Exit to the field. The field is the platform of your military operations, i.e. a place to meet a girl, and the exit is the exit. Sometimes you will go out into the field to invisible applause, and sometimes your knees will accompany your way out.

A deep voice. A low male voice, attractive to girls.

Dynamo. A girl who understands that you want to f### her, but instead is plotting to f### you, giving nothing in return. Such a girl, as a rule, raises a guy for money, gifts, services (to drive home), but there is no question of any carnal joys on the first date or at the next meetings. He himself decided to court the girl.

Game. A General concept that combines everything that relates to pickup and seduction. Lifestyle. Some symbolism of a secret community of pickups. Also the very process of seduction.

Kinesthetics. Tactile communication, i.e. touch.

Congruence. Consistency of what a person says with how he behaves and what internal beliefs and psychological attitudes he has. In other words, the integrity of the personality, i.e. you are what you seem. Well, or your falsity is invisible.

Just mind-blowing. Tactics of your behavior, as a result of which the girl flies off the roof, and she is ready to do anything with you. For example, blindfold her and bring her to an unpredictably crazy place.

LTE. Long Term Relationship (LTR) – long-term relationship with a girl.

Weapons of mass destruction. The male is male.

Pickup master. Pickup with experience and results.

Checks. Unconscious actions of a girl to test your coolness as a man. And if you pass the tests, the girl’s attraction to you increases. Sometimes you will have to show confidence and perseverance, and sometimes you will have to show cunning.

Breaking the template. It always acts effectively on girls, both when Dating and in relationships. It is based on your unpredictability when you do something that was not expected of you.

Rapport. Building trust and understanding with a girl.

Routine. A prepared template on the topic of what to talk with a girl.

T10D. F### 10 girls. Recommended by pickups as a way to stop loving a person and throw the girl out of your head.

Fast. A quick seduction of a girl that took place within a few hours of meeting her.

Anchor. The reason for the appearance of a certain emotional state as a result of a developed conditioned reflex. For example, you touched a girl on the shoulder while talking about love between a man and a woman. What do you think a girl will think the next time you touch her shoulder again?

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