How to spend a weekend: 43 amazing ideas

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If you don’t think about how to spend the weekend, then you can very easily become a hostage to the usual routine when you have free time. However, there are many activities that will allow you to spend the weekend fun and profitably.

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How to spend a weekend?

  1. Walk. The walk is not only a pleasant pastime but also a healthy exercise.
  2. Visit the pool. Go to the sports complex to swim.
  3. Team sports. There are a sufficient number of football, volleyball, and basketball teams that you can join. Take the opportunity to meet new people during the competition, as well as have fun on the weekend.
  4. Go camping. To plunge into the arms of the forest and feel the unity with nature, surrounded by close people … What could be better?
  5. Meeting with friends. Organize a meeting with friends and spend a day off talking and having fun.
  6. Become a volunteer. Become a volunteer or participant in an event. You can have fun, get free access to the event you are interested in, as well as meet new people.
  7. Make homemade pizza. Are you not good at culinary delights? So the time has come to pump your skills, as well as spend the weekend in a tasty and healthy way.
  8. Painting. All you need is pencils and paper. Give freedom to your imagination.
  9. Origami. Engage in origami. On many sites on the Internet, you can find interesting patterns that you can implement using plain paper.
  10. Creative writing. A computer, pen and paper are all that is required to become a writer. You don’t have to be Hemingway, just start writing what comes into your head.
  11. Build a home hut. Build a hut at home for yourself and your family, and enjoy childishness all day off.
  12. Reading. Reading is a great way to spend the weekend profitably. Stock up on interesting books, and go to the world of new knowledge and self-development.
  13. Learn a foreign language. Nothing can prevent you from mastering English, German, French, Spanish or even Chinese.
  14. Get a pet. For example, a dog or cat can provide a lot of entertainment if you do not know how to spend the weekend.
  15. Visit the ice palace. Ice skating will be fun and interesting entertainment for you. Can’t you skate? Well, that’s the reason to learn.
  16. Sleep off. Chronic lack of sleep raises the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. In the short term, lack of sleep has a negative effect on the feeling of alertness, reduces attention and impairs memory.
  17. Arrange a day without obligation. You are so used to making plans, to run somewhere, to do something. Have a fasting day. Do what you want, and if you do not want, do nothing.
  18. Engage in meditation. Meditation can help lower high blood pressure, reduce stress, and increase productivity, creativity and well-being.
  19. Learn something new. Training not only provides you with new knowledge, but also increases your confidence. Determine the skill you are interested in that you want to develop, or the area of knowledge that you want to explore more deeply, and engage in self-improvement.
  20. Analysis and improvement. Take time to analyze the events of the past week and think about your goals and areas of life that you can improve.
  21. Visit the amusement park. Eat cotton candy, ride a roller coaster, plunge into childhood.
  22. Go to the cafe. Here you can relax in a pleasant company, eat something sweet and not only.
  23. Bowling or billiards. Spend time combining sport, competition and relaxation.
  24. Cinema. Do you like to watch movies? Then you will definitely enjoy visiting the cinema.
  25. Journey. Go to another city and spend the weekend disappearing in a crowd of strangers.
  26. Holiday for children. Take your children to a circus, a zoo or an entertainment center, and in the evening play family games with board games.
  27. Extreme. If you do not know how to spend the weekend, then a parachute jump or rope jumping will allow you to remember these moments for a long time.
  28. Paintball. Do you have a lot of friends? Then get together and take part in a military clash. A feeling of adrenaline and muscle pain will be provided to you.
  29. Theater. Have you been to this quiet cultural place for a long time? Perhaps this day will come on the upcoming weekend.
  30. Hobby. The moment has come to remember what you like and do it.
  31. Football or hockey match. Are you an ardent fan and lover of team sports? Then spend the weekend evening watching the game of your favorite team – this is what you need.
  32. Quest or room of fear. For fans to participate in intellectual events, as well as tickle nerves, comments are unnecessary.
  33. Dating with girls. If you are not in a relationship, then go outside and meet a girl.
  34. The bathhouse. The weekend will not be in vain if you decide to go to the bathhouse.
  35. ATVs. Take a ride on ATVs and feel the full power of these monsters.
  36. Romantic date. Make your girlfriend a pleasant surprise: invite her to a romantic dinner.
  37. Biking with girlfriend. If you want to spend a weekend of fun, interesting and useful, then take your girl on a bike ride.
  38. Rest in the village. Rent a house in the countryside and arrange a grand meeting with friends.
  39. Hike to the mall. If you have not updated your wardrobe for a long time, it will not be superfluous for you to go shopping for new clothes.
  40. Aquapark. Become a part of this water fun, feel direct and carefree.
  41. Night club. If you really have nothing to do, and the body requires rest, then why not visit a night club.
  42. Concert. Does your idol come to your or neighboring city? You should definitely visit his concert, feel what a live sound and a crowd of fans.
  43. Meeting with parents. Do not forget about your closest people, especially if you haven’t seen them for a long time.

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