What women like in men?

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Women’s opinions of male attractiveness, usually, are different, but experts have identified several characteristics of the strong floor, which like almost all without exception, ladies. These features of appearance, behavior, and character they find attractive, manly, and sexy.

These are the things women like in men

1. Flat stomach

Many women are just crazy toned male bodies, and especially, from the toned stomach. Not necessary to have visible abs – just a trained torso and lack of excess body fat.

2. Glasses

If a child points are the subject of ridicule from their peers at the ripe age girls find men with glasses attractive and solid. Subconsciously, this accessory associated with intelligence, which further excites and impresses.


3. Smile

Women are not indifferent to smiling men. If a guy has a good sense of humor, able to defuse any situation and to laugh at his companion, which makes him interesting in the eyes of the girls.

4. Swollen veins on hands

After heavy physical work wrists tend to swell, which is very like most of the fairer sex. Veins on the hands demonstrate the power, and it’s always liked the girls who dream to find his companion support and protection.

Swollen Veins On Arms

5. Bristles

Contrary to the popular stereotype that a man should be clean-shaven, some ladies like a neat stubble. This creates the image of rebellious, brutal macho and a bully, which, as you know, always pulls good girls.

6. Eyebrows

Groomed brows give the male a look of depth, passion, and drama. This element looks ladies to see the raw power and originality. Only if the eyebrows are not fused on the nose.


7. Light gray

Slightly touched with gray whiskey some women see as a sign of maturity and wisdom, and these qualities have always been held in high esteem. Even if the man is young, he is automatically attributed to the experience and discretion.

8. The ability to cook

Women love to watch a man cook in the kitchen – they find that very sexy. The owners of culinary skills can always please your lady is not only sweet words but also delicious.

The Ability To Cook

A man may not be an absolute handsome to win a woman’s heart. Much more valuable than his strength, character, generosity, hardness, and firmness. To these qualities, no one can resist the girl.

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