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Men also like it when women try to do something nice. For them it is an expression of love, attention, care, they realize that they care about the beloved. When a woman has an interest in them, this allows the male to feel on top. Nothing but the feeling that you are the most capable to raise the mood and please the man.

For each man, joy is something different, something that makes them experience the fun. To your favorite happy surprise or gift, you should know what he likes, what he wants, what bothers him, look to his Hobbies, friends, what he communicates with them, what does work, and if he liked it.

If a woman loves a man, if he became her very native and close person, of course, she always wants to please. But how? That will bring sweet joy?

Please Your Man

How to please a man?

Man always nice to get something that arouses positive emotions that will leave pleasant memories, give an opportunity to feel that he is needed, important, that you love him, think of him, hear him, they wondered. It does not matter whether you live together for many years or just started Dating. Everyone loves when they pay attention, invest time, energy, thinking about how to surprise them, hear, and notice what they are doing.

You can always ask the men that he is pleased and he will tell you what makes him happy. Examine his page in social networks, in which groups he is keen, interested in what communicates with others or studying, ask what books to read or he likes to go.

If you just met, ask him about it, and will not need to look for a topic of conversation, he talks about it. People always talk about what interests them, attracts and pleases, most importantly, hear them.

What can please a man very individual? Someone is fond of stamps, books, music, following the work of a particular group, someone loves cars, animals, sports, passionate about his work, loves camping, Hiking, tourism, travel, some like to socialize, do charity work, so this one didn’t. For each of them, there is always something rare, unique, something that will not leave them indifferent.

You can offer to spend the evening together watching the game of his favorite football team or go on a game that takes place in your city, please bought a fishing rod, a book, a plate, which he had long sought, the offer to go Hiking, to go where he was going.

Someone will be very pleased if it will spoil in the morning favorite cake, a magnificent candlelit dinner, a massage after a hard day’s work, to satisfy his secret desires, which he will tell you in your ear in the bedroom.

Definitely will please any man, and your favorite will not remain indifferent if in the morning he will Wake a woman who only wants to bring pleasure to themselves and their beloved. Evening in the evening, but this morning a special time.

Please Your Man

Don’t forget to wear the gifts he gave you, it will show him that to you his attention is very important. After all, the representatives of the stronger physical relationship is not easy to choose gifts for loved ones, going shopping, trying to find something you like its a woman, so when they give them, invest in them all my love and desire to please the beloved. Seeing that you liked a gift, you will make him happy.

Prepare your favorite dishes, he’ll appreciate it and it will undoubtedly please the man she loved, and when it is delayed from work, try to delicious dinner it necessarily waited. There is a possibility, meet with work. Is it not happy that his waiting until late at night.

Please Your Man

Try less to criticize and criticize, Express dissatisfaction. If you did something that hurt you, tell me about it quietly, not making him feel the naughty child, otherwise, he will take a defensive position. Any questions can always be solved calmly, without hysteria, accusations and tears, enough to learn to Express their emotions calmly, not trying to produce guilt. It will delight the man who has been heard the accusations and criticism instead of compliments, admiration and support. Nice words always brighten a person’s mood, and when they are long gone. Therefore, despite their reluctance, restraint or the inability to compliment, learn to do it.

Although men and always look severely restrained and do not show excessive emotions, the costs of education, they are nice to hear in his praise, gratitude. He may shy away, embarrassed, hiding it behind sarcasm or mockery at times, but deep down will appreciate this attention to yourself.

Yes, and you yourself will become easier with something to accept something to stop paying attention when every day you’ll notice and try to see in your favorite positive qualities, then that is worthy of compliments. Sometimes it helps to re-evaluate how lucky you are with a man. He works, tries to provide for his family, helps around the house, with children, not refusing to help, when you need help, with him you feel safe, secure and comfortable… Really he is not worthy of compliments?

Top 10 ways to please your man

  • Communicate with them on topics that interest him. Don’t wait, when he talks about them, ask yourself, ask interesting questions. A woman who knows how to listen, appreciated by the opposite sex at a premium. Because she’s an interesting person, to her it means something, and that no matter how it makes you feel needed and important person.
  • When your relationship continues, be sure to ask him about the situation, saying that it is encouraging, happy, interested, concerned and worried. Listen more. With whom, if not with you, he’ll want to discuss it, because the closer he no person. Besides the representatives of the stronger sex to make it easy, so if you can show him that you care what he thinks, and are willing to listen and empathize, he does not want to leave you.
  • In order to please his beloved man, do not refuse to walk with him wherever he wants, especially if he knows you do not experience from visiting a sports match as much joy as he. He will appreciate your desire to please him. Only if you decide to go with him somewhere, do not need to show the sacrifice you made for him, otherwise, instead of pleasure from the fact that you are interested in what he likes, you’ll spoil him and take joy from the event. It’s better to just let him go with friends to enjoy the upcoming evening than ruin it for him and myself and him. Often even your agreement that he will spend the evening with friends when you already live together, is no less a joy for him than sports tickets. I know that soon the final of the World Cup, cook him food, so he’s remembered for a long time, especially if you then patiently listen to his enthusiasm or indignation about the game.
  • Your man loves your car, clean it or wash it. You want to – do this summer, somewhere in the country or on vacation, in a swimsuit, and more relaxed, but you only saw it and then the day will end very pleasantly for both of you.
  • Write him a love confession and leave his phone or player. Instead of music, he would hear, what you feel towards him.
  • If he works until late at night, to cook him tea, coffee, dessert and take it before going to bed. What could be nicer for such care? Of course, such attention will please any man.

Please Your Man

  • He loves animals and is using them, or is a volunteer, what does not apply, join him. Nothing strengthens the relationship as cooperative and a good cause. This could be financial assistance, help in the dissemination of information through their accounts in social networks, a willingness to go and plant trees in place of the burnt forest or to collect the garbage there where it was left by the foolish people do not understand that thereby take the health of yourself and your children, just do not think about others.
  • Become a member of the club, where he goes, he will be happy to help you, to tell, to talk about what they like.
  • Know that the beloved wanted to watch a specific broadcast or movie, download it to him so he could watch them at any convenient time.

To please her man, look at what he likes, what he prefers to say, what thoughts to share with you. His beloved, he will definitely open your heart, you just have to be ready to hear it, and then you will not go wrong when choosing a gift, surprise or words that will show him that you love him and how you need it.

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