15 signs indicating that there will be a second date

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Second Date

Second date: Of course, no absolutely accurate way to predict whether a first date to the second. But if anything of the following happens on your date, the chances of seeing each other again are pretty high…

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These are the signs indicating that there will be a second date

1. No extraneous communication

She never got a mobile phone! Well, maybe once or twice, and then secretly while I was in line at the restroom, to write to her friend that everything was “very good.” But no more.

No Extraneous Communication

2. Interested in plans for the near future

He’s at the end of the date asks, what are your plans for this week, and would you be able to devote a portion of their precious time meeting him.

3. Everything goes like clockwork

The date lasted an hour and a half, and you know that I still feel the pleasure, and not for a single instant, you will not become bored. There were no awkward pauses in dialogue in search of a suitable topic of conversation, no wandering glances around – you both have a good time, enjoying each other’s company.

Everything Goes Like Clockwork

4. An unplanned extension date

Your date takes a surprising turn when, after the paid bills in the restaurant, your boyfriend says that just around the corner from his favorite music store/pastry shop/ bookstore/bar and insists that You have to go there.

5. Looking for a reason to write

After he writes you the same evening, to make sure you returned safely to his home, or to tell you that he had a great time with you.

6. Gestures and touch

He as if accidentally, touches your shoulder, palm, hand during your walk, lent a helping hand at every opportunity (to help to cross a puddle, climb a curb, get out of the car).

Gestures And Touch

7. The pretext for the meeting

He is keenly interested in your hobby and Hobbies to come up with an interesting idea on how to arrange a second date. He gently rakes up where you love to go to come up with a better place for the next meeting.

8. Delaying the end of the date

Your boyfriend ordered coffee with dessert after dinner in the restaurant. It means that he wants to extend the date with you and enjoy a joint communication.

Delaying The End Of The Date

9. The perfect conversation

You are talking about the same topic for a long time and find this conversation really interesting. Time flies by as one instant.

10. Go for a walk?

The boyfriend offers to walk you home. Or, on the contrary, she agrees without hesitation, when you propose to carry out or to give her a ride home.

11. Interested Druk other

Both of you take turns asking each other questions: “What are you doing? Where you grew up(La)? What are you into?”.

Interested Druk Other

12. Slowly

Your date ends smoothly, not in a hurry, and not with a sudden pretext, for example, “morning at work” or ” I need to go home to walk the dog.” Maybe you’ll never want to leave.

13. Body language

He leaned over to you during a conversation. She turned to your knees. If you are in the bar, which is very noisy, you lean closer to be heard, and not just say it louder.

Body Language

14. To look at 100%

When she returns from the restroom, you will notice that she had let down her hair or touched up the makeup. And if she wasn’t interested in you, or thought that the meeting would end soon, she probably would not have worried.

15. The date was a success!

One of you says it’s a good date even before its completion.

The Date Was A Success

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