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Why iPhone 11 is better than the old iPhone XR?

iPhone 11

iPhone 11: As always, the new iPhone is better than the old. But why? What are the differences? Why buy a new model instead of the old? We answer questions and search for differences between the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.

What changed


It seems like a trifle, but it sounds like: “iPhone ten eras” or “iPhone X-Er” versus a simple “iPhone eleven.” I think that this is a matter of psychology and personal attitude, but I like the version with iPhone 11 more. It is more understandable and logical, without unnecessary troubles.

New glass and colors

According to Apple, in the iPhone 11, the company now uses a new glass, closing the front and back of the phone. It is stronger and better withstands shock. Need to check.

The new iPhone 11 will appear in six colors, the palette has been thoroughly updated: instead of coral and blue, green and purple have appeared. Four colors remained the same: black, white, red and yellow. Although now this is a different shade, not so saturated.

iPhone 11 and iPhone XR

Improved protection against water

If the iPhone XR met the requirements of the IP67 standard, then the iPhone 11 has already declared IP68. In any case, moisture protection is excellent, only now it is of a higher level. This means that the phone will last at a depth of 2 meters to half an hour. In practice, you are unlikely to feel the difference, but when you try to find the differences between two very similar phones, every little thing is important.

Superior protection against water

Modified Face ID system

Improving the face scanner is another innovation. According to Apple, the new sensor system is 30% faster than the old one and recognizes a face from a wider angle. What worries me most is whether the phone learned to recognize the owner when you hold it not vertically, but horizontally. For example, iPad Pro knows how to do this, and I want to get the same function on the phone.

Modified system Face ID

Better sound

In terms of audio, the iPhone XR was good, but apparently, the iPhone 11 will be even better: Dolby Atmos support appeared here. In addition, Apple announced such a chip as Spatial Audio. Translated into Hindi, we are talking about spatial sound, a certain field around the phone. How does 3D sound work in such a small phone? We will verify this already during the testing of the device. But before this was not in iPhones.

New camera

One of the main innovations, thanks to which you can distinguish an old phone from a new one. Now the iPhone 11 has a dual camera versus the only module in the iPhone XR. Here we get a new wide-angle module and super wide-angle, double optical zoom and ultra-fast shooting. According to Apple, the new camera takes pictures three times faster than the old.

New camera

Plus, new effects have appeared when shooting portraits, and in portrait mode, you can shoot not only people but also objects or animals. In addition, they added a new night shooting mode and a quick recording function. Its essence is that you hold down the shutter button, and the phone writes a video instead of photos. For starters, we’ll leave Slofie – video selfie on the front camera in slow motion.

New processor

The fastest and most powerful processor with the best graphics accelerator – this is how the new Apple A13 Bionic can be described. It is 20% more powerful than last year’s Apple A12 Bionic. If you like benchmarks and numbers, then a lot of tests and comparisons from curious reviewers will appear soon. In any case, there will be an excellent margin in productivity for the coming years.

new processor

Improved Wi-Fi

Now iPhone 11 supports Wi-Fi 802.11ax, aka Wi-Fi 6. If you use such equipment, you can estimate the speed of work on the new phone.

Works longer

Apple did not say anything about the battery capacity at the presentation. Most likely, we will find out the exact indicators only when iFixit disassembles the smartphone. In the meantime, Apple promises that the phone lasts an hour longer than the iPhone XR. Given that the iPhone XR can be safely called the longest-running Apple phone, this is definitely good news.

battery capacity

Cost less

At the start of sales, the iPhone 11 costs $699. By the way, a year ago the iPhone XR came out for $749, a discount of $ 50 is also a nice bonus.

What did not change?

Now that Apple did not begin to change in the phone.


As for the dimensions, no changes. Exactly the same case, the same dimensions: the phone weighs 194 grams, quite weighty and heavy. By the way, keep in mind that the design of the cameras has changed, so the cover from the old iPhone XR to the new iPhone 11 will not fit.



The size and resolution of the screen have not changed: a diagonal of 6.1 inches, a resolution of 828 × 1792 pixels, a brightness of 625 nits. It is a pity that HDR support did not appear, but True Tone and a well-known LCD matrix remained.

Memory size

Like the iPhone XR, the new iPhone 11 is sold in three versions: 64, 128 and 256 GB of memory.


It’s a little disappointing that the new iPhone 11 Pro received a power supply in the kit for quick charge of the phone, but the iPhone XR is deprived of such joy. It is equipped with a 5 W unit, so there is no question of high-speed charging. Want to charge quickly – pay for a separate accessory.

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