What novelties will be presented at the presentation of Apple WWDC 2018

June 4 in California’s San Jose starts the annual conference of Apple WWDC 2018, where the “apple” brand represents all the innovations in its own software. Nevertheless, often at the same event show new gadgets and other devices Apple. “Sprintally” understood what to expect from the coming event.


iOS 12

WWDC 2018 is, above all, a developer conference, and the presentation of new software is central to it. The whole “apple” world will wait for a new version of the iOS operating system under the number 12, which, according to experts, will not abound with fresh functions and technical gadgets, but should be remembered for stability and speed.

Given the numerous problems with iOS 11, the focus on correcting past mistakes seems to be true for the company. However, some innovations in iOS 12 will still appear – for example,

redesign of the whole interface improved parental control, expansion of NFS-chip functions, as well as the update of the Augmented Reality Platform ARKit 2.0 and branded animated “emoticons” called animoji.

iOS 12 will support a large number of iPhones, from version 5s to “ten”.

Digital Health

With the help of Digital Health, Apple joins the global trend, forcing the user to pay attention to his dependence on gadgets.

The program will show the time spent in front of the smartphone screen, as well as inside certain applications. According to the management of large companies, such statistics will help to discipline the user.

macOS 10.14

The MacBook family is also waiting for the OS update. Like the new iOS, the Macbook operating system will focus on fixing bugs and increasing performance.

In November 2017, a critical vulnerability was discovered in macOS High Sierra, which could allow an attacker to gain full access to the user’s device without a password. The head of Apple Tim Cook personally apologized for the puncture and promised to closely monitor the development of the operating system, so that in the new macOS 10.14 you can expect an improved system of laptop security.

Also reported on the integration of applications for iOS and macOS – now developers will be able to create a universal version that will work equally on all operating systems Apple.

Information about the development of such a function does not cause doubts, but its presentation may take place, not at WWDC 2018, but a little later.


The rumors about the upcoming update of Siri’s voice assistant will probably not be confirmed and are a good example of the wishful thinking. Many experts agree that in 2011 Siri represented a technological breakthrough, but now lags far behind its closest competitors – Alexa from Amazon and GoogleAssistant.

The updated Siri would become a landmark event at WWDC 2018, but no official confirmation of these rumors yet.


iPhone SE 2

Apple did not show new iPhones at WWDC from 2010 when the iPhone 4 was first introduced, but there is a possibility that this year something similar will happen. It’s about the iPhone SE 2, which is the direct successor to the SE model, released two years ago.

The iPhone SE itself has many functions of the 6s model, but it is made in the fifth-generation iPhone. If iPhone SE 2 exists at all, then it will be conceived as a lighter version of the iPhone X. On the other hand, Apple may be disadvantageous to divert attention from the flagship, because the presentation of new iPhones will take place in September.

iPad Pro

It is very likely the presentation of the updated iPad Pro – this is evidenced by numerous leaks. Apple plans to introduce two new tablets with displays at 11 and 12.9 inches respectively.

A distinctive feature of the new iPads will be the introduction of the Face ID recognition system, as on the iPhone X.

It is expected that, like the “dozens”, the volume of the side frames will be reduced to a minimum, and the mechanical button “Home” disappears as unnecessary.

Even if we do not see the iPad Pro in June, the new tablets will not go away for sure – they will most likely be presented at the annual presentation in September.


Do not exclude the demonstration of new models of MacBooks, for example, from the line Air, which Apple promised to revive. According to rumors, the new MacBook Air will get a Retina display with a diagonal of 13 inches and improved performance, but its cost will be lower than the previous, already outdated model.

WWDC 2018 will be held in San Jose, California, at the McEnery Convention Center. The event will last from 4 to 8 June 2018.


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