6 NPL techniques for successful communication with men in social networks and on dating sites

Successful Communication

Successful communication with men: Every lady wants to see next to a loving, educated, smart, and good life partner, who can provide his wife and children a decently comfortable life. Often within our everyday environment, such men either do not, or are, but they have long and reliably busy.

Judge for yourself, what percentage of that Prince, the businessman will be in the Accounting Department of the average company’s sales or brand boutique of lingerie, or children’s specialized library? Of course, there are those jobs that allow for necessary and brings its own rewards of Dating, but unfortunately, most women do not have opportunities every day to communicate with decent men.

But do not despair! Here we come to the aid of the 21 century is a century of all sorts of information resources and developed social communication.

6 NLP techniques for successful communication with men

The pros of finding a spouse online

1. In contrast to everyday life, with its furious pace and many need to resolve issues, “life online” is a kind of invented utopian world. Here you can relax, aloof from the everyday hustle and bustle and immerse in the romantic dreams of their dreams.

Important: doctor of psychiatry who conducted the study of the human psyche in different emotional States, proved that it was in such a state of consciousness (total exclusion from the outside world, immersion in a utopian reality) courtesan of all times and peoples was immersed men in order to then use that particular state of consciousness, to convince the latter to fulfill their desires and to sacrifice any desired means.


2. Men came to the decision to seek a soul mate on the Internet is tremendously different from other males in that they clearly identified the purpose of their search.

Important: approval of family psychologists, a man who consciously took the decision to start a family, it becomes “an easy target” for the fair sex. The woman didn’t need to contrive methods, to develop the scheme of “capture the fortress”, spending months and years to push a man to formalize the relationship. He has unconsciously and consciously ready. Properly behave in order not to alienate it for the first few dates… it’s as the saying goes “in the hat”.

3. Internet communication allows saving huge amounts of your personal time. Getting acquainted on the Internet, with some skill, you first letters you will learn to identify “who is in front of you.” You will have the ability to weed out unwanted candidates and, in the end, you will find what suits you, answering all your requirements for the perfect husband.

girl on Internet

Important: psychologists recommend Internet explore, determining that by communicating with men online, the woman has the ability to safely weigh, think about every “spoken” word. In a casual home setting to think about their answers to his letters and as a result, make the right choice about the continuation or termination of a relationship with this person.

Now seeing that Internet communication is still our ally, let’s talk about how do we communicate with the online men so that they with each letter more and more wanted to turn online communication into real.

The main secrets of seduction online princes

In order to better understand all the subtleties of seduction online the princes, I had to convince a woman that have succeeded in this matter like no other, to share with us the basic tricks of seduction and temptations of men that she used personally to achieve their goals.

“The rain was bucketing down, the raging wind played with passers-by, tearing heads with hoods and “adjusting” hairstyles dissatisfied ladies. The Dec has entered a legal phase.

With Lara, we met in the city center. Escaping from the rain, we settled in a nearby pizzeria. Bringing in a bunch of wet red strands, Lara, not waiting for my questions, began her story.

– I have been living in the States for 6 years now. Frankly, I like everything. A loving husband, a decent standard of living, an interesting job, she admitted, lighting a cigarette.

Lara, I know that with a spouse you met through the Internet. Tell me how you managed to make it so that from a huge list of the beautiful girl he chose you? I opened the battered notebook, visited with me at any such meeting.

– Now seeming so distant in 2006, after my divorce, I was left alone. The husband left me nothing but a 5-year-old son and tons of regret for the passing years. Having recovered after 7 months, I realized that everything in my life depends on me. By signing up on a Dating site with foreigners, I felt like a desirable woman. Of course, I came across an unworthy candidate, but I learned them right out. A year later I wrote to Michael, in the opinion of Lara slipped tenderness. In a moment she continued.

– After reviewing his profile, I realized – this is the man I’ve waited for my whole life. He was 35, he worked as a neurosurgeon at the New York regional hospital. Never been married. And, of course, a photo of him – it was something. Awesome brunette with deep mesmerizing eyes… It was beautiful – the light, subtle blush flashed on a perfectly powdered face, Lara.

Quickly assessing the situation, I made every effort to ensure that this man became mine. Three months later he came to me in Dnepropetrovsk. Six months later, we formalized our relationship. After a year of paperwork, I moved in with him. My son Michael took it. He is a worthy father. I’m happily married.


Lara, what are the main seduction techniques you use for online communication? What can you advice to our readers to do and what not to do to achieve the best result in the online seduction? – asked the long-awaited question I have.

The first secret intrigues, she confessed.

1. Intrigue

The literal translation from Latin. “intrico” – “confusing” – the achievement of goals by the manipulation of another person.

To intrigue, the man is excited about his curiosity by intentional or unintentional omissions, defaults, or ambiguous hints.

A woman who knows how to correctly intrigue at the beginning of the relationship will always be desirable for men.

The second secret, which I have used successfully is called – psychological Association, – continued confession of Lara.


2. Psychological Association

Association – the memory of the consciousness on the senses, from experienced once events.
Asking questions to the man about the happy moments from his life, we call him pleasant associations. Subsequently, these machinations we begin to arouse his mind pleasant associations, regardless of what we’re talking about him.

The next secret of achieving success in the male sex is flirting – Flirty smiled my enlightener.

3. Flirting

Flirt from lat. “Florem” – the desired flower. Flirt – a behavior that attracts attention. An intellectual game in which with the help of words, gestures, facial expressions, attitudes, one person arouses sexual interest in another. Flirting consists of four main parts: game, sincerity, improvisation, intrigue. Then comes excitement, independence, quick response, breadth of knowledge, humor, and apparent indifference to the result.

A lady that knows the subtleties of flirting always gets a huge privilege man over other “normal” women.

– The fourth secret of seduction lies in the ability to be discreet, – said Lara.


4. Self-sufficiency and unobtrusive

Interestingly, the results of social surveys of the male population of the planet for 2015 the most important criterion of a perfect woman are unobtrusive. Therefore, the impact on the modern gentlemen prehistoric origins of the man-the conqueror.

The ability to be discreet is a woman’s ability to turn the communication with the man so that the initiative supposedly came from him. The whole principle is built on the usual instinct of men to conquest.

A woman who knows how to be unobtrusive, makes a man feel like a knight, which later drives him to feats.

– The fifth and most important secret of seduction is emotion, – Lara winked at me.


5. Emotion

The emotion is from the Latin word “Emoveo” — disturb, worry. It’s a mental process within a short duration, reflecting the feelings of real or imaginary situations.

The human consciousness is arranged in such a way that it does not remember the events that do not cause his emotions. But it is necessary to cause in the mind of man a strong positive or negative emotions, he will remember it for the rest of my life.

Women who can make men strong emotions, remember throughout life. This – fatal women.

The sixth and last secret of seduction virtual or real men, of course, physical attraction – said Lara by asking the expense.

6. Physical attraction

Physical attraction is a natural or artificially created physical body that attracts the opposite sex.
In the opinion of men, attractive in a woman is the following factors:

1. Long, soft to the touch, shiny hair
2. Smooth matte leather
3. Perfect, done on time, hair removal
4. Well-groomed hands
5. The presence of a manicure and pedicure
6. Grace in movement
7. Discreet make
8. Style of dress
9. Athletic body

Physical attractiveness

Each lady kind of actress who instinctively knows how to intrigue, to flirt, to arouse the male population of the planet a variety of emotions and associations. One only has to disclose the nature of the talent, and you will see how your life will be full of male attention and compliments.

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