How to drink water?

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What kind of water to drink, how much, when and how answers all the questions you want.

Everyone needs to know about the need to consume enough clean water every day. However, in order for water to always benefit the body and health, in general, you need to know a few nuances:

– Not every person needs to use the notorious 2 liters of water per day. The amount of fluid you need per day can be easily calculated using the formula: for 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight, i.e. if you weigh, for example, 60 kg, your daily rate is 1.8 liters.

– Most of the daily intake must be drunk in the morning, a little less – in the second. Before bed, it is better to limit yourself to the use of fluid. This is especially true for people with kidney and heart disease.

Drink Water

– It is necessary to drink in equal parts and gradually increase the amount of water per day. If you have not drunk 2 liters before, do not try to overpower them on the first day. Start with a small amount and listen to your body – you should be comfortable.

– It is very important to drink 1-2 glasses of clean water immediately after waking up. During the night the body is dehydrated, so it is necessary to replenish its fluid reserves.

– Each drunk cup of coffee or strong tea should be compensated with a glass of water.

– Warm water is quickly absorbed, so quickly quenches thirst. Cold water is good as a diuretic.

– Nutritionists disagree on whether it is right or not to drink food with water. Some are of the opinion that it is harmful, as water dilutes the gastric juice necessary for the digestion of food. Other nutritionists believe that water with food is contraindicated for people with low acidity, and for everyone else, there will be no significant difference.

– Regarding the use of water during workouts. Experts recommend drinking every 20 minutes 150 ml of water (just the volume of disposable plastic cups in the coolers) if you have a high-intensity workout (for example, strength with a lot of weight). If this is not done, the blood will thicken, which will entail a large load on the heart. In all other cases during exercise, you can not drink. But be sure to drink some water after.

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