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How to make running pleasant: 7 ideas


Running: If you went on the trail your daily run – can already be proud of yourself! We just want to tell you how to make it a pleasure, not a duty. And the rest of the proposed think – maybe we should still start?

We present you 7 simple but surprisingly effective tips.

1. Go for a walk

This may seem like a scam, but scientists have proved that if you go from time to time to walk, it does not deprive you of the runner’s proud status. During regular pedestrian intervals, the body does not have time to feel a slowdown, and therefore there is no harm.

2. Think positive

When preparing for a run (or trying to find an excuse to skip it), do not think that it will be difficult for you now, it will hurt you, it will be cold and you may slip and you may slip around too much exhaust gases work out. Think about the benefits, imagine how you set a new record, how you brag about it to your friends … That’s better!

Think positive

3. More exercise

No one forces you to sign up in the sports section, just enough to have a good time with friends. As practice shows, such classes are much more pleasant, because they incite rivalry and support the team spirit. In addition, with the help of the game, you will be able to gain good physical shape, and jogging will not be so difficult.

4. Pick a partner

This advice comes from the previous point, but there is no need to compete, who is faster. You cannot talk too, but the motivation for going for a run is doubled. If you are too lazy, a girlfriend will stretch out into the street, and vice versa. Besides, when it seems that you can no longer take it, a partner full of energy ahead opens a second wind in you.

5. Smile

If you run at the gym on the track in front of the mirror, smile to yourself, even from the outside it looks stupid. So, at first glance, a trivial method will help you to reduce the stress of loads and will improve motivation.


6. Music

And to such a simple matter you need to approach wisely. Music distracts from pain and fatigue, improves mood, increases endurance, reduces the perception of effort, and can even promote metabolism. Applications RockMyRun and TempoRun will help you choose a great playlist (By the way, we recently wrote about how to make yourself play sports: training programs on your smartphone). If you do not have a mini-player with which it is convenient to run, it is not a bad thing. Even singing songs will help distract from fatigue and tension.

7. Rest

Finally, the main “scam” – stop. Yes, they can also be done without harm to the heart. The main thing – to learn to do them clearly at the same time. You can navigate by lampposts or street blocks.


There is always a reason to cancel a run, as for any other difficult, albeit useful, thing. But instead of looking for reasons to stay at home, look for reasons to go out.

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