Many children dream of a dog, but their parents do not agree, endless requests and persuasions do not help. But when they grow up, they can finally fulfill their dream. It’s so cool, a four-legged friend will meet at the door after work! And then the pink dreams begin to shatter against the cruel reality. Yes, after working in the snow and rain, you will have to walk your dog.

Getting a dog is easy, but it needs full-fledged care, it needs to spend a lot of time, educate and walk. Not everyone can handle it. Therefore, before making such a serious decision, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons. A list of reasons not to get a dog will help you make the right choice.

These are the 10 good reasons not to get a dog

1. The dog is a constant source of high expenses

Dog Is A Constant Source Of High Expenses

Yes, also, if you provide for yourself, it does not mean that you can provide for the dog. At first glance, it seems that the cost of maintaining it will not hit your pocket much. This is only at first glance. Take a walk to the nearest pet store, check out the prices of feed. No, not on the most budget, it can make your dog’s health worse.

It is better to choose at least premium food. This way you can avoid health problems. Collars, leashes, bowls, trips to the vet. This is a decent amount of money per month. If you make such expenses, you can think about the pet, if not, then do not torment the animal. On bread and water, the dog will not live.

2. You will learn to sleep as long as your dog sleeps

You Will Learn To Sleep As Long As Your Dog Sleeps

You will now sleep not as much as you need, but as much as your pet wants. If your dog gets up at 5 am, you will also have to get up and run briskly for a walk. You will learn to wake up not to the sound of an alarm clock, but the sound of a dog barking. Or maybe your friend will like to wake you up by jumping around the bed. Anyway, forget about a long sleep until 10 am, about breakfast in bed, too, forget.

3. Dog grooming routine

Dog Grooming Routine

Walking, feeding, paw washing, combing, going to the hospital, getting vaccinated, and other pleasures will get boring too quickly. This is everyday work, for which the dog will not thank you. Of course, it can’t talk. But the dog needs not only good care, but it also needs to be educated, engaged with it. If you are not ready to take care of a dog for 10-15 years (which is about how long dogs live), then it is better to leave this idea.

4. Prepare to feel guilty about your dog all the time

Prepare To Feel Guilty About Your Dog All The Time

Yes, you will feel guilty all the time. Because you don’t pay enough attention. Since your pet caught a cold when you let it walk in the rain for too long. Since you buy it not the most expensive food. And its collar is not the most beautiful. But the biggest feeling of guilt you will cause is that the dog sits alone at home all day.

And when you come home from work, your strength is just enough to take it to the nearest bushes at the entrance. But the dog needs long active walks. You will scold yourself, apologize to the animal, and make promises that you will fix everything tomorrow. But tomorrow it will happen again.

5. Almost complete loss of freedom

Almost Complete Loss Of Freedom

As noted above, now your whole life will adapt to the life of your pet. You can’t go to the cinema after work, go to a cafe or take a walk in the beautiful places of the city if they are far from your home. Prepare for the fact that you will have to spend your holidays in the city. Or at the dacha.

You’ll forget what the sea, mountains, or other places you used to visit on vacation look like. Even if you take the risk of leaving the animal in the care of relatives, it is unlikely that you will survive more than a week. You will spend your entire vacation tormenting yourself with thoughts of abandoning a friend. You will not be able to fully relax.

6. You will have to get used to barking, whining, and howling

You Will Have To Get Used To Barking, Whining And Howling

The dog will want to chat with you in its ” dog ” language, it will complain to you about life with a long howl. It doesn’t care if it’s midnight. It just feels bad that you didn’t lock yourself in the bedroom with it. Some dogs do not like strangers on their territory. They will growl at the guests.

If you shut it out in a room, it will give you a concert: barking, whining, and howling. Soon, guests will start visiting less frequently. But here the neighbors will look much more often. No, not for a friendly conversation. If you work for a long time, the dog will howl in your absence.

7. You will live seven days a week

You Will Live Seven Days A Week

You will have to forget about the weekend, every day you need to walk with the dog. Not just once. In the morning and the evening, in the heat and the cold. On weekends and before a hard day’s work. The dog does not know what the New Year is, it is unfamiliar with the feeling of a hangover. It also needs to be fed. So you won’t be able to stop by after work to visit your friends and only come home to spend the night.

Yes, and from now on you will only have to spend the night at home. No unscheduled trips to clubs. Yes, and walking doesn’t mean sitting on a bench. Your dog will look forward to sporting feats from you. It likes to run, play, catch a stick, bark at oncoming dogs. You will not be able to relax while a dog lives in your house.

8. Limitations in choosing the interior design of an apartment, furniture

Limitations In Choosing The Interior Design Of An Apartment, Furniture

Forget about expensive repairs, white upholstered sofa, light carpets, and many other status items. If you decide to get a dog, be prepared for the fact that the interior of your apartment will completely change soon. First, the Ball or Jack will ruin the wallpaper, then some furniture.

But when you decide to make repairs and buy new furniture, you will choose not what you like, but what the dog can not damage. The main criterion when choosing is cheaper because no one guarantees that in a month you will not need a new sofa.

9. Your house will become a sawmill branch

Your House Will Become A Sawmill Branch

How often do you clean up your house? Prepare for the fact that cleaning will become a daily duty for you. Wood chips, sawdust, dogs are very fond of sticks. You will allow it to bring one from its walk. And brooms, by the way, are also very popular with four-legged friends. But seriously, be prepared that the apartment will be a constant mess.

Even the most well-behaved dog likes to play sometimes. Torn newspapers, books, toys torn to shreds. If the dog has a long coat, you will have to regularly vacuum the carpets, often do wet cleaning. Well, yes, one plus here is still there, you can tie yourself socks. If you want a dog vest, choose a breed with thick and long fur.

10. Dog will follow you around the apartment all the time

Dog Will Follow You Around The Apartment All The Time

Perhaps, at first, you will be moved and admired by the fact that a four-legged friend is following you around, no matter where you are going. But even if you have iron patience, you will soon get tired of it. The dog will chase you everywhere. You will not be able to wash or go to the toilet without witnesses.

Your dog will look at you, may want to take a bath with you, it already depends on the upbringing. If you bring a girlfriend or boyfriend, you won’t be able to have any privacy. You will also not be able to eat properly. The dog will look into your mouth, beg, even if it ate half an hour ago.

Now you know the reasons why you shouldn’t get a dog. But there is one plus that will cover all other disadvantages. You will get a friend who will be devoted to you for the rest of your life and will not leave you, no matter what happens.

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