Relationships such as courting and marriage are beautiful and everyone wants to be happy with his/her partner. However, the rate of cheating partners are on the rise with each passing day and as a result of this more and more people should be careful in selecting a partner as well as be attentive enough to know if/when your partner has started cheating. Until a confession is made or someone is caught red-handed, discovering if your partner is cheating can be seldom difficult. You may be tempted to go through his or her phone or computer or go as far as for hack his/her Facebook account.

These are some indications that your partner is cheating.

Change in Behavioral Patterns

  • One of the most common ways of detecting a cheating partner is an abrupt change in behavior or mood. On the other hand, if there are changes in dressing occurs or excessive attention to their appearance begins, then they could be up to no good.
  • When your spouse unusually leaves the house in the early afternoon for an evening event alone, you need to be very mindful of the reasons he/she gives because your spouse may just stop over for a quickie before hitting the venue.


  • Being secretive with their phones or computer is a major red flag in relationships because his/her other partner uses the same means of communication that you use when you reach out to her. Funny but not really funny.
  • One of the biggest indications of a cheating spouse is when he or she goes MIA for hours without a proper reason or explanation. You call and text your partner for hours without a reply, then you have a serious problem. Your spouse could be in the other person’s bed.


  • Generally, cheating partners are said to be more aggressive than usual, they need to tell more lies to cover up the other lies they have told which in turn makes frustratingly vulnerable.

Meeting your folks

  • If your female partner is cheating, there are a number of things that are a continuous reminder of her disloyalty and meeting your family is definitely one of them. If she avoids your family for no good reason then she may be cheating on you.
  • She may also be cheating when you have to persuade her to hang out with your friends or folks.
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