How to choose a laptop as per your need?


When it comes to buying the right laptop, you need to consider different things. Here we have provided the common aspects you should consider when you are looking to buy a new laptop.


  • Platform

First of all, you need to think of the right platform. The common operating systems include Windows, mac and chrome OS. You should choose the one the suits your needs the most.

  • Size

Laptops are available in all possible sizes today. The screen sizes vary from 11 to 18 inches. Each screen size is good and you have to decide what size suits you the best. If you have to use it for gaming, a large screen is the right option. But if you need it for office work, medium sized screens will be good enough for you.

  • Keyboard and Touchpad

Keyboard and Touchpad should be checked properly before buying a laptop. It may happen that you won’t find the touchpad and keyboard suitable for your use in future. So, make sure you go for the right ones.

  • Specifications

You need to choose your laptop’s specifications properly. When it is about the specifications, the main components are CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, Display, Touch Screen and Graphic Chip. Core i3, i5 and i7 are the major CPUs in the market today. Pentium and core2duo are still available but they may not be the best option.

Then you need to look for the RAM. Some cheap laptops will have a RAM of 2GB. But it would be good if it is 4GB. The performance of the storage drive is another thing to consider. A laptopwith SSD drive is a good option if you don’t need a huge amount of space. When it comes to display, the more the pixels are, the more content willfit in the screen. Moreover, if you aren’t that much into gaming, a simple graphic chip will be enough for you.

  • Budget

Laptops are available in all price ranges. There are cheap laptops as well as the expensive ones. The price range starts from $150 and goes above $900. The price depends highly on specifications and size. Make sure you buy only a quality laptop. No need to go above a specified budget and also no need to buy low standard product just to save a few dollars. Look for the different options available and decide what is appropriate for you.


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