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Budget cosmetic: Low cost cosmetics can compete with expensive beauty products. Talk about the products you can save on?

Brands produce interesting tools that you just want to buy. New formulas and unusual design “lures” from the shelves of cosmetic boutiques. We have compiled our list of budget beauty products that will help make your makeup perfect without sacrificing a monthly budget.

The effectiveness of cosmetics depends on the composition and concentration of active substances. How to check it? Please note that the components on the label mean writing in the order of placement of the ingredients in the composition. In the first place – the main ones (of which the most). Compose your wishlist?

Here is the list of 5 budget cosmetic makeup finds:

1. Catrice Foundation

Foundation Catrice

Budget tone foundation with HD effect for your face. Such a product can be classified as droops-means that can be applied in any convenient way – use sponge, blender, brush or fingertips. With each drop, the degree and saturation of the coating increases. You yourself can control it!

2. NYX Liquid Concealer

Liquid concealer from NYX

Liquid concealer, which helps to hide dark circles under the eyes and refresh your eyes. The tool has a light texture. Perfect for everyday use.

3. Relouis Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipstick from I am Very pleased

Makeup lips always rivet the attention of others. Matte liquid lipstick has a light texture that is comfortable to apply with an applicator. Moisten the skin of the lips before using the product.

4. Glitter Liquid Lamel Professional

Liquid glitter for eyes from the brand Lamel. This tool will transform your makeup in just a few minutes. How to use? There are many options. The easiest is to use it instead of shadows. Apply the base and distribute the shiny pigment with a brush or “hammer” with your fingertips.

5. Highlighter Essence

Highlighter Essence

Highlighter is one of the universal beauty tools in any girl’s cosmetic bag. With this product, you can lighten some areas, give the cheek expressiveness, visually increase the volume of the lips and refresh your eyes. The delicate shimmer from the Essence brand is suitable for both day and evening makeup.

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