5 Tips on how to become a vegetarian and stay healthy

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The idea of becoming a vegetarian is something sublime (a desire to save the animals of the whole world) and very healthy (a diet full of vegetables and fruits is the pinnacle of “utility”). But if you have never indulged yourself with a juicy steak or chicken breast for dinner before, the transition to this type of food can be difficult.

Refusing meat and other animal products, you deprive yourself of a huge part of nutrients. Where to look for them in plant foods and how to become a vegan as painless as possible for the body – read in this material.

Let’s start with the benefits of vegetarianism. First of all, which cannot but motivate, according to statistics, vegetarians live 7-8 years longer than meat eaters, how do you like this prospect? According to studies, such people are less likely to suffer from cancer or heart disease, which adds them several years of healthy and active life.


Secondly, excluding meat, you want it or not, but you add a lot of vegetables, fruits and greens to your daily diet (you need to eat something!) – and this is the most useful thing you can do for your body.

Thirdly, by becoming a vegetarian, you will forever forget about most of the problems with the intestines. For example, about constipation, hemorrhoids and other very unpleasant sores. Everything is due to the fiber, which is very abundant in fruits and vegetables – it helps to remove everything that is unnecessary and unhealthy from the body. In addition, the same fiber helps to lose weight, reducing the level of glucose in the blood and contributing to a rapid feeling of fullness during meals.

Now, when we have dealt with the pros, go to the most important. So how to eat right if you decide to become a vegetarian? The most important rule: the body should receive all the necessary dose of nutrients and vitamins, just now not from the whole huge range of products, but only those that are allowed. It is especially important to monitor the amount of iron and proteins in your menu – it is them that we most get from meat products (which you have now refused). Below, read 5 more tips on what to look for, not to harm, but to strengthen your health, switching to a new diet.

Vegetarianism is not a diet or starvation. You should not refuse food or minimize its consumption. Eat 4-5 times a day, eat enough vegetables and cereals, otherwise, exhaustion and strong stress are guaranteed.


So that the body does not experience a protein deficiency, be sure to add dairy and dairy products, legumes, cereals to your menu: barley, rice, buckwheat. Do not forget about the necessary rate of fats – get them from the same dairy products (preferably homemade), seeds, nuts and vegetable oils.

To the body enough iron, a variety of menu beans, lentils, eat carrots, beets and apples. And so that the iron from them is well absorbed, do not forget about vitamin C – it is indispensable for this process.

Almost all the vitamins you need can be obtained from plant foods – except for one! This is vitamin B12, which is involved in the processes of blood formation and normalizes the nervous system, which means that we really need it. It is simply not in such products. Look for this element in the form of additives or in such products: tofu, seaweed, cow’s milk.


These tips will help to switch to a new diet almost painlessly, but in any case – just listen to your body. Does he like what you use? How do you feel about this? If it’s good, then keep it up! And if not, don’t mock yourself and get back to your usual diet or, if you don’t want to give up your intention, consult a dietitian and make the right vegetarian menu.

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