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How to choose your perfect SPF filter in sunscreens?


Earlier, you learned about why sunscreen is needed and what is SPF. Since the effectiveness of sunscreens depends on the correct filter selection, we decided to figure out by what principle SPF should be selected.

Sun Protection Factor is a sun protection factor. It denotes the ability of cosmetics to increase the duration of safe sun exposure. The index can be from 2 to 100 units.

Using funds with SPF, you can safely be in the sun for up to 50 minutes. We must remember that this index protects us from the UVB rays that we talked about last time.

The 30+ SPF filter transmits up to 3 percent of the radiation, and 50+ transmits up to 2.


What are the SPF filters?

  • 2-10 units — base, protects against 50-75%;
  • 10-15 is the average degree of protection, protects against 85%;
  • 115-20 — a high degree of protection, protects from 95%;
  • 20-30 — intense protection, protects against 97%;
  • 45 — intense protection, protects against 97%;
  • 50 — intense protection, protects from 98%;
  • 50 + intensive protection, protects from 98.5 percent.

Many brands have begun adding SPF to their products on an ongoing basis. If you choose a foundation, primer or CC cream, then protection up to 10 units will be enough.

In order to determine the degree of protection you need, open the weather on the gadget.

Principles for selecting an SPF filter

In order to find a remedy for yourself, you need to study the level of radiation specifically in your area. And this is completely uncomplicated. It is enough to open the weather on your gadget and see the UV index (the level of maximum ultraviolet radiation on a certain day). For example, today the UV index is 2.

When choosing a sunscreen, you need to consider your skin type and phototype.

  1. Very light skin. Choose a tool with the protection of at least 30 + regardless of the season.
  2. Light skin. Early in the season, or when the sun is inactive, you will only need an SPF of 15-20. Going to the beach, take the protection of 30 +.
  3. Dark skin. Exactly this type, you can choose the product with the filter to 10.

One Cup of green or black tea a day reduces the risk of melanoma (skin cancer) by 30%.

So which protection is best to choose? It all depends on your country’s climate and lifestyle. On weekdays (if you spend a lot of time in the office) – just choose protection up to 15 units. On weekends – 30+ (since we spend more time with the active sun).

Have you Chosen your sunscreen for the summer? Please let us know in the comment section. Also, please don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family.

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