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10 animals that can heal a person


Animal therapy: When a person gets sick, he/ she goes to the hospital or begins to self-medicate. Pills, injections, surgeries – even the most complex medical procedures are not always effective.

In particularly difficult cases, patients turn to alternative medicine. They take every chance, hope for a miracle.

Hypnosis, herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy. There is a simpler and often more pleasant way to improve your health – treatment with the help of animals.

It has long been known that they have a positive effect on a sick person. However, few people know that there is even a special science that studies these issues which is animal therapy.

Both domestic and wild animals can heal. Very often there are situations when patients recover contrary to all forecasts. The physical and mental state improves, and the patient feels much better.

These are the 10 animals that can heal a person

1. Dog


Of course, a person can not do without a dog. Usually these animals help with the rehabilitation of adults and children. They are used in homes for the disabled and rehabilitation centers.

They have a beneficial effect on the patient’s emotional state, arouse the desire to act, and learn to live anew. After all, most people with disabilities can not solve their psychological problems, and dogs with their love of life help them tune in to the right mood.

Alzheimer’s disease, autism are diseases that a dog can handle. Also, dogs can predict the onset of an epileptic seizure in a few minutes.

2. Horse


A horse ride can be compared to a session with a psychotherapist, only here you do not have to open your soul. A person forgets about the bad, the mood rises.

Horses can be called the most “human doctors”. The fact is that they help special people feel healthy. Hippotherapy is especially often used in the treatment of sick children. Down syndrome, cerebral palsy-these are the diagnoses that horses struggle with.

When riding, all the muscles are worked out, the overall muscle tone improves. Again, not all horses are suitable for this role. Only mares of a certain size are suitable for the treatment of children. Much depends on the nature of the animal.

3. Cat


Cats are the most common domestic animals. It is noticed that people who have cats get sick less often than those who do not have them. They accurately determine the emotional and physical state of the owner and come when a person is ill.

Cats treat colds (they lie down on the patient’s chest and arrange”warming up”). They can cure headaches, diseases of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems.

Their rumbling calms down, has a positive effect on the nervous system. And what a healing power their “massage”has! That’s just “fluffy doctor” can not be forced to treat. Cats treat only those they love.

4. Dolphin


There is an opinion that dolphins are magical creatures, they are called a panacea for all diseases. Of course, this is not entirely true. Not every dolphin can become a “doctor”. And those who have the desire and talent, treat mental retardation, asthma, heart disease and cancer. How do they do it?

The sound that animals make has a great impact on the health of patients. It can even replace painkillers. In addition, swimming in the water with dolphins is a bright event that can become an impetus for the development of speech, to get out of the most severe depression.

5. Birds


Surprisingly, among the centenarians there are many people who really like birdsong. It has a special healing effect. It is not for nothing that doctors say: “All diseases are caused by nerves.”

Birdsong has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system. Different birds treat different ailments. For example, nightingale singing is ideal for those people who suffer from depression. It calls to action, lifts the mood, copes with headaches.

Canaries, thrushes, and finches successfully fight arrhythmia and rapid heartbeat. Robin has a positive effect on the liver, stomach, heart, and blood vessels. Therefore, you should often go out into nature and listen to the birds singing.

6. Bees


Bee treatment was also popular in ancient times, as was hirudotherapy. Bee venom contains about 50 substances that benefit the human body. The therapeutic effect is due to the influence of substances on the patient’s blood.

Often this method is used to increase blood flow, increase hemoglobin levels, and lower cholesterol. With the help of bees, you can eliminate edema, cure joint diseases, expand blood vessels, speed up metabolism, and lower blood sugar levels.

Bee venom has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, calms the nerves. However, this procedure should be performed under the supervision of apitherapists.

7. Hamsters

Small Pets

Hamsters, chinchillas, and pet rats don’t seem to bring any health benefits to humans. They may not be as effective as leeches, but they can be kept at home. These little pets will not bring you much trouble, only joy and pleasant emotions.

An invaluable advantage of these animals is their impact on the psyche. A person becomes less closed, overcomes their complexes.

Psychologists recommend getting such animals for people with low self-esteem, insecure and withdrawn. Tactile contact is very useful, the small muscles relax, anxiety and aggression decrease, and the emotional state is stabilized.

8. Amphibians


A few hundred years ago, people used dried toad powder for toothache, and anthrax was treated with live frogs. Of course, no one encourages you to follow these methods, but there are still some benefits from amphibians.

They treat many diseases of the nervous system, soothe. In addition, lizard frogs and snakes improve the patient’s condition with epilepsy, chronic pneumonia and a number of other diseases. That’s just the most effective method of treatment is tactile contact. Few people would dare to pick up such an animal.

9. Leech


Leech treatment, hirudotherapy has been known to people since ancient times. Previously, many diseases were treated with leeches. Their saliva contains about a hundred biologically active substances. All of them have a curative effect. By the way, some substances were tried to be removed synthetically, but without success.

Of course, not everyone will agree to this method of treatment, but sometimes you don’t have to choose. Sometimes this method is the only one that can help. Leeches treat many diseases: varicose veins, hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis, migraines, rheumatism.

Many paid medical centers now practice hirudotherapy. By the way, leeches are able to cope with obesity and even postpone old age a little, so recently interest in them has been growing.

10. Fish


People who have an aquarium at home don’t have to worry about their health. First of all, fish have a positive effect on the psychological state.

It is enough to set aside a few minutes a day to contemplate underwater life. The soul is filled with harmony, the person relaxes, the stress level decreases. Surprisingly, aquarium fish are able to fight diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Tachycardia, high blood pressure, arrhythmia – you can get rid of these problems with the help of an aquarium. And fish can also be called prevention of respiratory diseases. The fact is that the water from the aquarium humidifies the dry air.

Also, watching fish raises the efficiency, a person recovers faster after heavy loads, moral and physical. In addition, the contemplation of the underwater world is a great aesthetic pleasure.

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