What fears prevent men from making drastic steps?

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Modern women are very active: they go into business, occupy leadership positions, force out men on the political Olympus. Even in heart matters, the fair physical relationship very often has to take the initiative into its own hands. Already no one is surprised when the lady first makes an appointment or makes a marriage proposal. What is going on? Why do men become passive? Let’s try to figure it out.

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They are afraid of losing personal space

Men with great caution go to rapprochement with the opposite sex precisely because they fear encroachment on their “inviolable zone”. Because of the fear of losing personal freedom, the stronger sex avoids serious relationships, obligations, promises “always and forever.” Do not push, do not put ultimatums – it will only alienate your indecisive partner. Reduce ardor, have patience, and wait for the elect to decide to take a step forward.

They Are Afraid Of Losing Personal Space

They are afraid of change

Consider the situation from the point of view of men. For a long time, he lived, as he pleased, and very accustomed to it. Here you appear and begin to change something, demand, break the usual system of values. Naturally, strong sex does not like it. Life with you is not as comfortable as he used to. Stop it. If you do not want to destroy the relationship, stop making him live by his own rules. Take into account the needs and desires of men. Over time, he himself will choose the correct line of conduct and is aware of all the advantages of relationships.

They Are Afraid Of Change

They are afraid of responsibility

It is only in the books the main characters are strong-willed and fearless. Everything in life is much easier and simple. They, like women, doubt their own abilities and not always confident in the correctness of their actions. Remember this and give your man the right to doubt. Let them consciously decide to create a serious relationship and take responsibility for them.

They are afraid of losing the romance

Another reason why men don’t go to drastic steps – the fear of losing attractiveness, originality, and warmth in the relationship. Very often they do not strive to develop relationships to avoid routine. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, but they want as long as you can feel the pleasant feeling that occurs between two loving hearts. Pull yourself together and try not to rush your choice. Better daily by his example and actions to show him that there is nothing to fear. In the end, he will realize that over time, feelings do not disappear, and mutate and become stronger and deeper.

They Are Afraid Of Losing The Romance

If the relationship with the opposite sex is not glued, do not immediately blame yourself. Perhaps, in fact, the whole reason for men’s fears and concerns. What they are connected to, you now know. So don’t panic, be patient and try to gently coerce his partner decisively.

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