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Here is the Canon camera that can seriously be the last nail in the reflex reflector box. The compact EOS M50 does not differ from a mirror reflex in performance, but it’s smaller, lighter, more user-friendly, and not expensive at all.

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A fast and user-friendly system camera

The Canon EOS M50 is an incredibly good camera for anyone who has a new interest in photography and looking for a simple camera with good image quality.

Canon Eos M50

The camera is not a big story. It’s an intermediate between a compact camera and a reflex reflector, easy to fit with one in a bag or bag. It comes with a 15-45mm zoom with an optical image stabilizer (equivalent to 24-72mm) and costs less than many mirror reflectors.

There are not many buttons to keep track of, thanks to the touchscreen, it is easy to change settings in the menus. Canon has also added a guide to the menus that teach beginners how the various features work.


The viewfinder is great for sitting in a camera in this class, and I prefer to use it when taking snapshots.

In video recording, however, the practical rotary screen is preferable. It gives a steady grip when shooting and you can easily move the focus with just one finger on the screen. Unfortunately, Canon has skipped Dual Pixel focus in 4K video. It’s a pity because it’s faster and more accurate than the contrast-based autofocus that you’ll have to cope with when shooting in 4K.

And when we continue to complain, it’s time to mention battery life of just over 200 images per charge. A little more if you avoid using the screen all the time and allows the flip-up flash to be left intact.

There is no image noise to talk up to ISO 6400, which is very good compared to competitors’ cameras of the same class.

In conclusion, Canon EOS M50 is a welcome addition to the cheaper end of camera cameras. It is Canon’s first consumer camera with 4K video, which despite some flaws is preferable to HD video. The M50 is a camera that anyone can use, and even though it’s small and easy, it’s no lightweight in terms of image quality.

It is definitely in the class with Canon’s more expensive mirror reflectors, firmly packaged in a faster and more user-friendly system camera.

Canon EOS M50 Specifications:

Type: System camera with 24.1 Mp APS-C sensor

Optics: 1545 mm / f3.56.3

Screen: 7.6 cm LCD with 1.0 MP

Applicant: Electronic 2.36 Mp OLED

Series photo: 10 images / s

Video: 4K / 25p (120 Mbit / s)

Battery: 235 images

Dimensions / weight: 116 x 88 x 59 mm / 390 g

Features: Wifi, Bluetooth, Pivot Touch Screen, Optical Image Stabilizer, Flash, TTL Flash Shoe, HDMI Output, Microphone Jack

Price: 54,990 INR

Plus: User-friendly. High still image quality, fast Dual Pixel autofocus, 4K video, and great price.

Minus: 4K video with limitations. Low battery capacity.

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