Apple watch is free from Ipson’s booths. But being able to use their watch as a telephone makes a thing clear – how rarely do I need a clock like a phone.

Apple watch with its own sim card – Why it is so good?

Apple Watch is the best smart clock in the market with the freedom that a built-in sim card entails.

It’s just as easy as it sounds; You can receive calls and all other data communications as long as you have mobile coverage (so far only with the operator Three).

But this leaving the phone is most fine in theory. Because Apple Watch is the best smart clock, it’s limited in its capacity.

How much I try, I rarely get away from my phone (that is, except Bluetooth distance) as long as I need to receive calls in it.

And the times I read SMS or email, I’d rather wait until I’m back and can answer the phone than trying to dictate to Siri what I want to say.

Let’s say outdoor activities above the team. So, you’re the runner to lessen the phone around your arm, you’re definitely the target audience.

But we will not look at the new Apple watch like someone invented the wheel again. Rather, technology has caught people’s expectations. Because of course, it feels that a smart clock can live its own life. There is no function that makes a huge difference in existence, but it is far from unreasonable that it is standard.

A bit like when Apple released its latest Apple TV – the delivered image in 4K and HDR. It is a type of update that you only countdown to because everyone knows that the technology is available.

So sim card in a smart clock, everything else is old from now on.

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