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Review Of Xiaomi Mi 3 Max

Xiaomi Mi 3 Max

Xiaomi has once again managed to prove its prestige. The range of multifunctional tabletop replenished smartphone Xiaomi Mi 3 Max. The new gadget was even better, and immediately attracted the attention of users. The phone is suitable for those who need a good battery and a high display.

In almost all settings Max Mi 3 noticeable improvement. Its size exceeded all the usual indicators, it more resembles a laptop or tablet. However you should not be surprised, the entire line was created in order to surprise the dimensions and new possibilities.


The gadget comes in the signature large box. If packing flip, you can learn specifications. In addition to the device there is:

  • USB charging cable;
  • a few instructions;
  • clip to extract the SIM card tray;
  • the charging unit.

Silicone case no, it will have to buy.


The design of the flagship is impressive. Notable differences compared to the previous model Xiaomi Mi 2 Max. The size of the display is markedly increased under him do not exist key, rounded edges, thin frame in all sense of innovation.

Xiaomi Mi 3 Max

If the range was presented with a gold and black color, now added another and blue. The design of the new generation looks fresh and modern.

Regarding dimensions, the smartphone thicker by 0.2 mm and increased in length by 2 mm. The case made of durable aluminum, the Assembly is excellent. Despite the large size, the device is easy to hold with one hand without slipping. The model looks prestigious, though, and applies to budget options.


The device has got an OCTA-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 636. The difference is noticeable – the phone runs fast, pulls modern online games are suitable for many applications.

Running 3 Mi Max (Mi a Max of 3) on Android 8.2 has all the Google services. From wireless interfaces are Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11. The volume level for the sound quality sounds excellent.

The main camera with a resolution of the sensors 12 and 5 MP became faster, allowing you to take pictures of good quality, regardless of conditions. Added new mode “Portrait”.

The autonomy of the battery is impressive – it is enough for 3 days. Available user memory starts at 64 GB.

Advantages of Xiaomi Mi 3 in Max size, stylish appearance, versatility, low price. It is a good smartphone for a reasonable price.

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