Dating a girl online. Part 7

Dating a girl online

In order to better comprehend the examples of correspondence with a girl given in the 5th part, I propose to determine the conditions for dating a girl online.

Online dating conditions for a girl

1. Meeting with a girl face to face with time for preparation

The best option, since there is more time to search for girls and communicate with them.

In this condition, after a short correspondence, you must offer to phone call.

It is not necessary to correspond for a long time, 5-6 phrases sent by you in the message is quite enough. If a girl is initially ready to make contact, which is what we need, then it doesn’t matter how beautiful your words are and how much you can reproduce them. It is better to weed out the doubter as soon as possible than to lose time with her.

Remember: there are a lot of them.

When you suggest something to a girl, for example, to call up, never use the word “maybe” (“maybe later” (use “I suggest”), “can we meet” (use “let’s meet at the weekend”, “you at the expense of the meeting?”).

The word “can” speaks of your insecurity, and subconsciously a person wants to answer “can’t.” However, if you yourself are not sure that you will meet a girl or call her back, then “maybe” is your assistant.

So, first a simple short correspondence, and then an offer to exchange phone numbers. That is, the message should not contain a hint of a meeting, you will arrange a meeting by phone.

Your need for telephone communication can be explained by the fact that your fingers already hurt to knock on the keyboard, that you want to hear the voice of this girl because the text of the messages seems so dry.

Sometimes it turns out that the proposal to exchange phones arises in the context of the correspondence itself, but if this does not happen, then simply estimate the number of messages sent and, if there are not so few of them, suddenly write “What is your phone number? Let’s chat. I want to hear your voice. ”

Over time, you may have your own template for correspondence, and one is quite enough for all the girls.

Honestly, when you involve a large number of female representatives in your circle of friends, you begin to feel that the girls you are inviting for a date are one and the same person who constantly changes faces.

2. An emergency meeting with a girl in the absence of sufficient time for dating

A situation may arise in which your plans for tonight did not include a romantic meeting, but closer to the moment when the sun begins to hide behind the horizon, it suddenly dawned on you that you can’t get bored today.

In this case, due to the limited amount of time, it is necessary to agree on the opportunity to meet directly in the correspondence, which should be something like this:

  • Hi, how are you? How was the weekend?
  • What are you doing, what are your plans for today?
  • (if free) Let’s meet.
  • (if you agree) What is your phone number? Let’s call each other.

If a girl is busy today, that automatically kills all your desire to continue communicating with her due to lack of time, but she persistently continues to write you messages, just take a phone number and promise to call, but not today, because you left the phone at work.

3. Invitation of two girls (girls and her friends) to the company of two guys

This way of getting to know oneself is sometimes more interesting, but as for intimate outcome, less effective. This is due to the fact that on the field of your heroic battle to conquer the female heart one more participant will be present – your friend, whose status is not always determined: either he is your assistant or a competitor.

But the most important obstacle is connected with social approval, which is so necessary for many people: two girls invited to the company will behave more restraint due to the fact that each of them will be watched by the eyes of a friend. After all, it’s so terrible that a close friend might think if you allow a little too much in your behavior.

Your words in correspondence should be approximate as follows:

  • Hi, how are you? How was the weekend?
  • What are you doing, what are your plans for today?
  • (if you free) Let’s meet.
  • (if you agree) I’m just visiting a friend, let’s keep a company with my friend. (or) A friend should come to me, take a friend, come to visit.
  • (if a girl begins to think about whether she has one more combat unit in her mind) What is your phone number? Let’s call each other.

That is, the invitation to visit again precedes the receipt of the phone number.

Some thoughts about dating a girl online

  1. Refusals to receive a phone number are a pleasure. The faster they refuse, the less time you lose. Why do you need meaningless correspondence? Correspondence for the sake of correspondence is an inheritance and a way of entertainment exclusively for the female sex, to which we cannot attribute ourselves for objective reasons.
  2. Above in the text, I pointed out how you can explain to the girl the reason for my desire to phone, but more often I don’t do this, which is naturally reflected in Dialogue No. 10. “Don’t want, as you want” – my motto. This is the best phrase to perform the most important function of our system – selection. If you do not intend to show sincere feelings for a girl, arm yourself with this phrase and be persistent.
  3. Never give your phone number to a girl until you get a phone number from her side, even if she asks for it herself. They almost never call, and if they do, it will happen at an absolutely indefinite time for you. Are you sure you will remember who is calling you? Are you sure you want to be called when you’re not expecting this at all? In addition, the one who takes the initiative is the leader in the process of communication, including for this reason you should call. Remember this rule, and follow it with the help of my favorite expression “Do not want, as you want.”
If I started to get acquainted on the Internet now, without experience, what would I write in my posts?

In this case, my messages would correspond to Dialogue No. 8. But even if I chose something less ascetic, my correspondence would not be too cumbersome. The reason for this will be explained in the 9th part, devoted to the telephone conversation.

In the next article, read about the psychology of online dating.

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