How to become successful? 5 tips

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The vast majority of people on the planet want to become successful. They want to shine and shine, but only a small number of them succeed.

Why is this happening, why is it so difficult to climb to the top of the world, why are only the elect of this world able to reach incredible heights? What is needed in order to succeed? What can a person who has decided to realize his dream and become successful do?

We are born free, representing a blank sheet on which we subsequently begin to draw our destiny.

Mentors surround us: parents, teachers, close circle in the face of friends and acquaintances. One of the problems of the people around them is that, in addition to transmitting positive experience, they are trying to impose their own reality, to put on you the shackles of their own fears and wrong beliefs. It happens to everyone and always.

If you want to get advice regarding a problem, you will of course turn to a professional in a topic that interests you or to a person who has had a chance to survive an event that interests you. It makes no sense to ask a ten-year-old boy for advice on how to meet a girl.

However, not a single person admits to himself that he is a failure, he is more pleased to live in the illusions that will kill your dreams in a hail. If a person does not have what you want to possess, don’t listen to what he says, it’s just nonsense.

If you want to be successful, watch successful people and start doing what they do.

If there are no successful people in your environment, watch everyone else and stop doing what they do: watch TV, spend time on meaningless calls and unnecessary people, sit on social networks, because you just wasted your most important and only an irreplaceable asset is time.

Why not everyone can be successful

The vast majority of people can achieve whatever they want. The point is not that they cannot, but that they will not strive for this, because success implies the need to change yourself, which is actually very, very difficult.

When your values change, you get the feeling that the earth is leaving under your feet and that everything in your head is turning over. And only after some time the understanding comes that you have regained sight as if you woke up after a long and stupid dream.

You were born and raised surrounded by ordinary people who have left an imprint on your worldview.

The hardest part is behind, it remains to find a good job, start a family, take a leadership position, survive to retirement, and then die, having sunk into oblivion. After several generations, they will forget about you, your great-grandchildren will not come to your grave, and only archival records will someday remind you that there was such a person.

Not a bright prospect? Of course, there is an alternative, but it also hides problems within itself that most people are not ready to face.

Firstly, in order to achieve their goal, many will have to sacrifice: time, entertainment, chatting with friends and family. Moreover, on the path to success, you may have to experience defeat. It will be so painful that you will begin to cry out to the Lord with the words: “For what?”

It’s much easier to live like everything, it’s more comfortable, more understandable to others, because on the way to your success you will have to be very different from the rest, and they will even twist a finger at the temple, watching your aspirations. Do you spit on their opinion? Well done, I express sincere respect.

What is success and how to become successful?

The path to the realization of a dream, what is called the path to success by outside observers, consists of 5 elements:

  1. Goal.
  2. Way.
  3. Action.
  4. Discipline.
  5. You.


People who have never embarked on the thorny path of success without a big goal, constantly fixate on the method, but in the end, do nothing. They believe that he was lucky, that he had connections, and they generally stole it.


Of course, the way is important, but in essence, it is just a type of activity that, as a rule, successful people like to do, therefore they give their whole soul and reach heights. It is worth noting that the goal is more important for successful people than the way, the most important thing is “for what”.


Moreover, on the way to achieving the goal, you will learn how to independently generate various ways. However, it is very important to find a favorite business, which at the same time can bring you to a new level and make you successful.


Discipline, your principles, which will directly depend on the scale of your aspirations, should make you move forward when there is no more strength and your hands drop. But this is only a turning point, subsequently, for you, any event will cease to be a problem, and will be a temporarily unresolved task.


Success comes from within, success is you. People believe that all the benefits come from the external environment, that something needs to be done, and with someone else’s help, to get these benefits, or to make them come closer to us. People do not understand the main thing. The question should not be “How to succeed?”, But “Who needs to become in order to be successful?”, “Who needs to become in order to realize your dream and get what you want?” What qualities do you need to have, a professional in what form activities to become to reach your dreams.

A person who is overweight for a long time gets used to his image, and it is hard for him to imagine that everything can be somehow different. Maybe yes, how. In the same way, a person who has a dream and decides to move along a path different from the majority does not know at first how successful people think, he was not successful, he did not get a result. Moreover, many familiar psychological attitudes will interfere. He is an ordinary person, of which there are many, why did he get that something will work out, but who is he at all?.

That is why you have to step aside. In fact, the one you consider yourself is not one. Most likely you mean your body shell: your body and mind. In fact, your essence is manifested in your intentions, in that part of you that makes a choice, go for a run or sleep, do business or go to a night club, become successful or go with the flow. And it doesn’t matter what your body shell represents now, the main thing is what you want to become, because anyone can be anything.

Forget about unnecessary internal settings, start changing, invest and invest in yourself, do what you haven’t done before, leave your comfort zone, bring yourself to a state where you become bored without any problems. If you start thinking in this way, then you have changed, and instead of problems you see the possibilities, any wall will collapse in front of such a person.

It is impossible to become successful at the click of a finger, but having started, daily carrying out actions aimed at achieving success, you, as if laying brick by brick, will build your dream home. Stop fooling around, love life and gnaw your teeth at every opportunity with greed.

What does it take to be successful? Ask yourself this question and find the answer to it.

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