Fashion accessories for everyday styling 2019

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Fashion Accessories

Every day we do makeup and hair because it is part of our image. We decided to talk about which accessories you should pay attention to!

Hair accessories – one of the fashionable accents that transform styling and gives it originality. Combine several fashion trends at once, combine different textures and shades.

The first step is to choose an interesting styling. Most recently, we talked about the most stylish hairstyles for every day. If you have already decided, then it’s time to proceed to the analysis of fashionable hair accessories.

1. Very invisible

Invisible is one of the trends of this season. They will not only help fix your styling but will also be able to transform the usual daily hairstyle. This option can be used with a smooth tail, weave or matched hair. The universal color of the accessory is silver. Many choose stealth in the form of leaves or other elements.

Very Invisible

How many invisible to use? You can start with one. Laconic and beautiful, because one of the rules for selecting accessories is not to make the overall look heavy.

Very Invisible

2. Satin and velvet ribbons

Wide and thin ribbons – a winning option for daily and evening styling. Satin (voluminous) will complement the open dress, and velvet – add tenderness and romance to the daytime look. Try to combine two trends at once: tapes and invisible ones!

Satin And Velvet Ribbons

3. Studs

Hairpins in the form of beads or flowers are suitable for any hair length. They will make the image more gentle and elegant. Experiment, because even the location of the accessory does matter.



4. Handkerchief

This is the trend of last season, which remains relevant this year. A multifunctional accessory can be used in completely different ways. Choose bright colors. For example, live coral – fashionable color 2019.


Do you use fashionable hair accessories?

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