7 most simple topics of conversation with a guy


How to maintain a conversation with a total stranger? What to talk to him? We have selected for you the topmost interesting topics that will not leave you indifferent.

Simple topics of conversation with a guy

1. About yourself

Any person in any circumstances and always with pleasure will tell about myself. To start ask the new acquaintance to call three meals, three movies, and three of the most exciting moments from his biography. This quiz will allow you to make an initial portrait. Based on the information received, you can safely continue the stimulating conversation.

2. Hobby

If you have difficulty in the selection of the following topics, no problem! Remember that each person has Hobbies. Someone who likes literature or gardening. Someone close to astronomy or management. Ask, what motivates the person you are talking to and in turn, tell about what is interesting to you personally. Who knows, maybe your interests are in common or even coincide. Then there is a good chance to get on the same page.

3. Travel

An excellent topic of conversation on the journey. Even if you’ve never traveled outside your home country, you’ve been in different cities. Tell us about your impressions. And don’t forget to ask the caller: where he has been or where it wants to go?

4. Animals

Pets – the cutest theme. Most people live in the house animals. Sometimes it’s not even typical cats-dogs, but also very exotic chinchilla or chameleons. If your new acquaintance will not be a pet, ask about his preferences in the world fauna. After all, many of us can associate themselves with any animal. In addition, according to the Eastern horoscope, we each have a specific animal.

5. Cinema


Naturally, all people watch movies and TV shows. Culture series versatile and meets any request. You can safely ask: what man? A couple of films clearly is the two of you like. You can even advise each other that had not yet seen.

6. Literature

Books. Although it is not fashionable now a hobby. Nevertheless, read by many. And of novelties every year published more and more. Under this topic, you can also discuss theatrical performances. For example, publications and performances by Yevgeny Grishkovets or films and production of “Quartet And”. Read-performance poets contemporaries, who became quite popular.

7. Work

If you have an interesting job, tell about it, and your interlocutor will be able to tell about yours.

Bonus: what is not worth talking to?

And it is better to avoid these topics not only with strangers but also with friends. Don’t talk about politics. Almost any conversation on this subject is not without disputes, “and under Brezhnev-it is better to have lived and sausage for 27 cents!”. It is better to get far expensive issues regarding personal problems, Finance, and religion. And, of course, a classic. AntiSoviet – if to speak about, talking about the weather!

In any case, don’t be afraid of communication, don’t be afraid to seem Intrusive, because people always have something to talk about. Remember to be talkative is not meant to be chatty. And you can talk absolutely anyone. It all depends on your motivation, well wishes, of course.

We communicate with people of different professions and interests, of different age and social status. Often, we want to be sure that you are a decent person. In order to verify this, take on Board a deep thought from Woody Allen:

“If you want to know a person, don’t listen to what others say about him, listen to what he says about others” 

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