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Ryan Reynolds
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Today we will review the best films with Ryan Reynolds. The fans should remember – all of his films they watched, and it is possible to embark on an incredible tour of the movies of your favorite movie star. We have prepared the best films for you with Ryan Reynolds.

1. Deadpool


Year: 2016

Genre: fiction, action, melodrama

Director: Tim Miller

Running time: 108 minutes

History tells us about the mercenary Wade Wilson. Faced with a terrible disease, he decides to take a risk and take part in the program “Weapon X”. The result is not happy – the disease has receded, but his face is disfigured, and the cellular structure is constantly changing. As a consequence, Wade has a broken mind and doubtful sanity.

There are pluses – now he found an incredible regeneration, which made him almost immortal. However, Wilson is still really hard to stay afloat in our society.

Cinema Search: 7,52

2. Offer


Year: 2009

Genre: melodrama, comedy, drama

Director: Ann Fletcher

Duration: 108 minutes

In the center of the plot is the responsible boss, who was in a stalemate. She faces eviction to Canada, which, of course, she did not expect and in every possible way tries to avoid. In the end, she is ready for anything for the sake of result – even a fictitious marriage with a young assistant.

Cinema Search: 7,568

3. Buried to death

Buried To Death

Year: 2010

Genre: thriller, drama, detective

Directed by: Rodrigo Cortes

Running time: 95 minutes

In the center of the plot is Paul, who arrived in Iraq, under contract. In the course of further actions, he falls into an ambush and loses consciousness. To everyone’s surprise, he comes to himself in some dark place. Feeling in his pocket a cigarette lighter, Paul realizes that he is in the coffin. Now he will have to struggle hard against the bureaucracy and, most importantly, with himself, because he is enveloped in an incredible panic and fear.

Cinema Search: 7,562

4. The X-Men: The Beginning. Wolverine

X-Men The Beginning. Wolverine

Year: 2009

Genre: fantasy, fantasy, action movie

Director: Gavin Hood

Duration: 107 minutes

The film tells us about the immense past of Wolverine and his relationship with Victor Creed. We also learn about the “Weapon X” program, in which he took part.

All this time, Wolverine meets new mutants and slowly begins to delve into the history of the world of legends about the people of H.

Cinema Search: 7,442

5. Yes, maybe

Yes, Maybe

Year: 2008

Genre: drama, melodrama, comedy

Director: Adam Brooks

Length: 112 minutes

Life is only one and you can always go back to the past, in an attempt to regain happiness. Will Hayes – father at the age of thirty-odd years. He gets divorced and there are a lot of problems with that. One of which is the various questions of the daughter of Maya about his life before marriage. Will honestly told her about the various ups and downs, about numerous acquaintances and friends.

History tells us about three novels. The girl slowly collects the puzzle and understands that the feelings are very complicated, and love is not at all simple. At the same time, Will begins to understand that in affairs of love one can always try again.

Cinema Search: 7,436

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