How to get verified badge on your social media page?

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Verified Badge

Verified badge: Yes, who doesn’t like to have his/her social profile stand out in the crowd or have a little blue tick-mark aside his/her profile picture. In fact, most organizations/companies and celebrities require that verified badge because they want their fans & followers to get legit and authentic updates about their work and life, in a time where social media has such power to defame any person if someone plays his cards wrong!

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How to get verified badge on your social media page?

So today we’ll be looking for any options, if there are, to enter into that exclusive verified club on social media – mainly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Long story short – Facebook very disparagingly says, sorry dude, you need to be famous to have such privilege and that’s the end of it!

The Facebook help page says very clearly that this kind of privilege is only reserved for a small group of “public figures” who are renowned for their work and fame in their respective professional fields. Yes it’s true that Facebook didn’t have this verification feature for a long time and hence they’ve introduced it recently, but sadly it’s not for the normal public.

And even though if you still somehow manage to get famous, it’s on Facebook’s discretion if it sees you as a celebrity or an important organization.

And that’s how you enter that exclusively coveted blue tick-mark club!


Well, Instagram has been using this feature for quite a while and we have seen so many fake accounts carrying that Photoshopped blue tick-mark – that’s lame!

But coming on a serious note, let’s first see what Instagram says – well if you read on their help page, they clearly mention that only very renowned celebrities and famous personnel can be given such a privilege so as to secure their authenticity on the web and their security against cyber frauds.

Bummer! Looks Instagram also reserves this privilege only for some renowned celebrities and big firms only.

Also, there are a lot of rumors around the internet that if you get enough followers on your account, Instagram may give you that verification badge. Let me tell you that it isn’t going to happen. Period!

Instagram can easily identify who’s having fake followers and who’s an authentic celebrity and moreover, it’s only on the social platform’s own discretion if they consider someone worth giving this privilege.


Ooo…I hate to repeat myself, but I’m sorry guys twitter also denies you such privilege if you aren’t a billion-dollar company or a famous Hollywood star or something like that!

Twitter’s FAQ page clearly states that they also provide verification badges only on some selected people who are in fields of music, acting, fashion, government, journalism, etc and not everyone can get it!

Also, there is no clear application process for such a thing; it’s only on Twitter’s discretion whether you’ll be awarded that prestigious entry into the club or not. So better luck next time when you get famous!


Phew! Finally, we found a social media platform who allows you to have that verified badge feature on your profile. And really, it’s as easy as a click of a button!

Essentially, you just need to verify your website in your account settings and you are good to go. Here are actually step by step instructions provided on how to do it:

Yes, but here too you will have to sign up like a business entity and not like any other random freak who just wants attention!

Yes, Pinterest allows all of its users access to such privilege and consequently to the data analytics as well for better marketing of your content. But that altogether makes it much less catchy… isn’t it?

Think about it. If everyone has this access to enter into that exclusive club, soon it loses its charm because there isn’t left any – Irony alert!

So yeah, in a nutshell, it’s cool to crave for something as long as it doesn’t get to you easily otherwise it loses its value. And that’s the biggest social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram don’t let you have that privileged badge of verification easily and that’s how it earns its value. On the other hand, Pinterest still lets you taste such a thing in a limited way and that’s pretty cool too!

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