Dreams that foretell change in life


Experts involved in the interpretation of dreams argue that prophetic dreams come only to chosen people, and can show exactly what is in store for the person in the near (or in the future) future. This is not entirely true: any person is able to see a prophetic dream, but not everyone is able to solve it. Your dream consciousness is trying to tell you the right path in life – do not ignore these signs. Here’s how to interpret some prophetic dreams:

You saw water in a dream

Pay attention to the condition of the water. Clean and transparent, like a tear – a symbol of change. You may have been sick, but you will recover and you will forget about your illness. If water is approaching you in turbulent, dirty streams – this is a disease. Pay attention to your health.

If you want to dispel all your doubts – contact a specialist, tell us what bothers you inside. The doctor will establish a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Taking a bath or shower in a dream suggests that it is time for you to leave your grievances against friends or relatives in the past, to forgive them, to remove the burden from your heart and make your karma cleaner.

Phone ring

Phone ringing

If you dream that someone is persistently calling on the phone – this is a prophetic dream. He indicates that the time has come to change something in his life. The dream reminded you that it is time to take your plans seriously and not put them off anymore.

If you speak with a person on the phone in a dream, then you just need to strengthen your relationship with him. And if you dream that you are talking on the phone with your loved one – this is a sign that it is time to invite this person on a date.

Well, if you wake up from a real phone call – this is no longer a prophetic dream.

Road, path

If suddenly you saw yourself in a dream, wandering alone on the road, then this prediction indicates that changes are coming in your life, regardless of whether you expect them or not.

If you saw yourself in a dream, walking along the road with a group of people – this is a prophetic dream: apparently, these people will play a huge role in your life in the near future. Look for ways to approach them.


Children’s dreams of flying in their sleep indicate that children are growing up fast. But an adult who flies in his sleep should take into account what the dream tells him to change something in his life. Flying or falling from a height should push a person to the need to change something radically until the time is lost.

Natural disasters, wind and rain

wind and rain

If you saw bad weather in a dream – this is not a good prediction. Get ready for the sad events. But you still have the power to prevent them. Try to remove trouble from your home whenever possible, because the Universe gives you a very definite sign.

Don’t miss something extremely important for yourself. If you see a shower or flood in a dream – your soul is overflowing with the feelings that you hold in yourself. Do not hold, let them out, share your emotions with loved ones – they will tell you the way out of this difficult situation.

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