How to create a multi vendor digital downloadable marketplace?

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We live in the digital age, and so our day-to-day business activities are shifting in that regard: From the stock market to the jobs market to the goods market, everything is jeering towards a digital mainframe. And with the growing needs of people to buy and sell at the comfort of their homes, it is little wonder multi-vendor marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon are making record profits every day.

If you are reading this and you want to establish your own multi-vendor digital marketplace for downloadable purposes, there are some prerequisites you’d need to know:

Firstly, as a beginner, it is very easy and comfortable to use WordPress interfaces and plugins to create your multi-vendor digital marketplace.

Marketify is a very popular WordPress theme that blends very well with Easy Digital Downloads to give the user the best multi-vendor digital downloadable experience. Its affordability and user friendliness makes it one of the preferred choices for people looking to start a downloadable market place.

There are many plugins that could blend in well with WooCommerce to give it that multi-vendor platform functionality. But WC Vendors Pro is widely acclaimed because it is very effective and has both free and premium versions available.

Other Non-WordPress applications that make it possible to create multi-vendor marketplaces are:


Although there is a version of Marketplace on WordPress, Marketplace is generally a popular extension for Magento, that gives it its multi vendor platform functionality. Simple in its composition, and user-friendly as well.


Also very ideal for creating a multi-vendor marketplace. The difference with this service is that it tends to focus more on the creation of peer-to-peer marketplaces. So if you were looking to create a peer-to-peer marketplace, this is the ideal software program for you (Just saying).


This is arguably the most expensive multi-vendor creating marketplace service (although I won’t rule out the fact that there may be pricier ones out there). Because it has its multi-vendor functionality intricately incorporated into the entire layout, it feels more natural and flexible to use than the other multi-vendor platform creating market places that have to depend on extensions.

Some tip-bits to create a good multi-vendor marketplace are as follows:

  • Affordable commissions
  • Easy-to-fill registration forms for buyers and sellers.
  • Quality search feature.
  • Reviews possibility

These are the rudiments you need to know to start your online multi vendor downloadable marketplace. There are certainly a lot more left out, but these should serve as a guide. Till I come your way next time, it’s good bye for now.

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