Smartphone: You spent a few happy years together. He was always there, did not let him get bored and helped out in a difficult moment. But it’s time to tell him goodbye” because he can not give you something, what you deserve. We’re talking about your phone. Here are five signs, that it is time to replace a new one.

Why choose a new smartphone?

He does not think you are beautiful

you are beautiful

All selfie like and you in the self-portraits look tired, blurred and sometimes even green? Do not rush to change the make-up scheme or register with a beautician ( although this, of course, never hurts). Just such a camera, like your phone, today is  not worn.”

Who, if not he?

Smartphone Honor 10 makes amazing shots. Just imagine: the front camera has a resolution of 24 megapixels – your face will look very clear, and the built-in portraits enhancement feature will allow you to forget about photo processing. With the help of six lighting modes, you can make quality selfies in different shooting conditions!

The front camera of Honor 10 is able to simulate the effects of studio lighting under different external conditions, due to which you can do the selfie in any shooting conditions. The dual main camera consists of 24 MP + 16 MP modules, which allows you to take studio-level photographs. Behind all this is artificial intelligence: the smartphone distinguishes more than 500 stories in 22 categories, and for each object selects the optimal settings for lighting, white balance, brightness, and exposure. Prepare to pick up the likes!

He can not long

Low battery

You just took it off the nightly charge and did not even watch the story in Instagram, how the battery is already approaching zero? It is necessary to connect the phone to the food at least twice a day because it has become weak and frail.

Who, if not he?

All the same Honor 10. This strongman is equipped with a battery 3400 mAh – will last at least a day of relaxed use of social networks, YouTube, and instant messengers, and even longer. And when he needs rest, he restores quickly: only 25 minutes, and now the battery is already charged by 50%. All thanks to the proprietary function of Honor SuperCharge.

He does not remember important things for you

New photos, videos, screenshots-all of this is answered by your phone: “Not enough space”. And no matter how much you clean your memory, nothing changes. The problem is, that space is eaten by system applications and upgrades, which will not have escaped.

Who, if not he?

64 GB or 128 GB of internal memory – choose as many, as you need to hold all-all the important moments in the smartphone Honor 10. A built-in app itself will see to the memory is full and in time to tell you, when you can clear it from unnecessary files.

He can not stand the pace of your life.

You do not even want to touch it once more – any tapping on the screen can freeze your smartphone for minutes, and the simplest commands like phone calls are loaded for so long that it’s easier to set up a pigeon mail network.

Who, if not he?

RAM Honor 10 is 4GB, and it means, that you can simultaneously run multiple demanding applications, and is very smartphone will  fly”. With calls, too, everything is fine. This flagship is a function of Easy Talk: it reduces background noise, when you talk through a headset, and increases the volume to your interlocutor if you decided to whisper something to him in a tube.

He just looks really bad

Shabby, scratched, with chipped, and even broken glass, the replacement of which will cost half the cost – this is no longer hide in a cover! All your kind of your smartphone as it says: “I’m tired, I’m leaving.” Let him go. He served faithfully, and for you, it was time to open up to the new.

Who, if not he?

And again Honor 10. Just admire this handsome man. The back panel of the smartphone is made of a 15-layer 3D-glass, beautifully refracting the incident light at different angles. The case is made in one of four colors – shimmering blue, shimmering green, midnight black and icy gray. Screen with a diagonal of 5.84 inches scratch resistant and so accurately conveys the color, that looks at the photographs and video – a real pleasure.

Let me introduce you – your new favorite smartphone

Honor 10

Honor 10

Honor 10 with the frameless FullView screen with a resolution of 2280 × 1080 pixels, 4 GB RAM and built-in memory of 64 GB or 128 GB. The smartphone recognizes faces and many other objects are equipped with a dual main camera of 24 MP and 16 MP, a front camera of 24 MP and is able to take high-quality photographs. Personally, you can get acquainted with Honor 10 on the official website.

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