The question of where to ask a girl out on a date can hardly be called irrelevant. If you don’t know where to go with a girl on a first date, this article will help sort this out.

First, you should understand that the girl doesn’t much matter where to go, most importantly with whom. For any woman, life is an adventure that she wants to live together with a decent man.

Moreover, while you don’t understand, what is a girl to spend a lot of money and time harmful, for those who like to eat at someone else’s expense enough.

If you decided to go on a date with a girl, keep in mind that the purpose of a first date would be an opportunity to communicate, to know each other better, to gain confidence and to have the girl to you.

That’s why for a first date you should choose places where there will be nothing distracting from the quiet conversation.

Everything to do with the extra people, loud sounds, inability to speak, is not suitable.

ask a girl out on a date


Corny? Possible. What’s unusual in the fact that you invited a girl on a date? Nothing.

A cafe or coffee shop is a great place where you and your girl will be able to talk calmly.

There are no distractions while you are in front of people, and she will not worry about the fact that her new friend, so you invited her to lean on the presence of people forest.

Choose a cafe to your liking. Let it be a place that you already visited.

You’ll know what the situation there, not smoky if there is no loud music, while in a familiar place you feel more confident.

Walking around the city

A walk with a girl is a great way to get to know each other better without spending money and with the benefit of staying in the fresh air.

For a walk, a park, a square, promenade are perfect. Even just walking along the streets you can spend your time very pleasantly.

In this case, be sure to pre-think the approximate route of your walk.

If a girl comes on a high-heeled date, she will have to change her plans for a walk because she will not have the strength for a long march-throw due to pain in her legs.

Make a mix

It is not necessary to sit down with the girl in one place or walk throughout the meeting on the streets of the city. Monotony tends to annoy.

You can walk with the girl on foot, and then be in a cafe.

You can even call a girl in a car and ride around the city, periodically leaving the girl out of the car to take a walk.

We have considered the simplest and most versatile places to ask a girl out on a date.

If you know some of the preferences of your companion, then the list of places for a date can be expanded.

Where else can you ask a girl out on a date

  1. Amusement Park. Remember when we were kids and fill the date with positive emotions.
  2. Cultural event. Perhaps in your city is some kind of show or festival, so use this opportunity.
  3. Rink. Prerequisite: you have a good standing on skates and she has some skills to ride on the ice.
  4. Bowling or billiards. And why not. The common cause always brings together, and sports excitement adds intrigue.
  5. Home. Just keep in mind if the girl agreed to come to your home on the first date, it is better not to start a serious relationship with her.

Where it is not necessary to ask a girl out on a date

  1. Cinema. In the cinema, you will not be able to communicate, and the goal of the first date will not be achieved. Perhaps the girl really will receive incredible emotions, but their source will not be you, but the film.
  2. Night club or concert. Inadequate people under the influence of alc##ol, loud music, in short, communication definitely will not work. And why should a girl go where they usually go to get to know a girl.
  3. Too active vacation. If you decide to take a girl on a rope jumping, then be sure to check your choice with it.
  4. The pool or water Park. You’re both fitness coaches? No? In that case, why embarrass yourself and the girl on the first date about doubt in the perfection of their figures.

Well, guys. Now you know where to invite the girl on a date, it’s up to you.

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