7 Simple habits that strengthen the relationship


Relationship: when everyday life creeps in, many people slip away from each other, sometimes without thinking about it. But with small simple changes, which become habits, the chances of a strong relationship increase.

7 Simple habits that strengthen the relationship

Signs of a harmonious relationship and the quality of a good wife

1. Keep in touch during the day

You don’t have to sit and chat the days at the end of the messenger when you are apart, sometimes you have to work too. But a “Hello, how are you?” The text message can mean a lot. Or why not just: “Hello, I love you”.

It shows that you care about each other and are there for each other even when you are not together.

Also have the habit of answering your partner, even when you don’t have the time. You don’t have to write a novel, a simple heart emoji can suffice.

2. Talk about your special day

When that happens, the big things in life, it is natural to talk about it with your partner. Let it apply to everyday life as well. Set aside a period, and to share with you what has happened during the day, even if it’s all about the little things.

It is not predominantly the content of the conversation that is important to you. There is also the fact that you are creating a bond through an active give-and-take of information, without any assumption or expectation, ” says psychologist Michelle Fraley into the Bustle.

3. Surprise each other

We can’t expect that every day will be life-changing amazing. However, it is possible to put a gilt edge on life through small, loving gestures.

It can be about cooking coffee for each other in the morning or surprise with take-away food from the favorite restaurant. Simple things that show that you care about each other.

4. Leave notes

It may be a bit Hollywoodish, but keep in mind: Is it nice and romantic to come home to a handwritten note with loving words waiting for you? Or met by the phrase “You are the best!” on the bathroom mirror before going to work? An extra reminder that you care about each other.

5. Show tenderness

When everyday stress puts the claws in one, it happens that couples forget something as elementary as closeness. Hugs, kisses, cozies, cuddles, caresses not only belong in the bedroom, but it can also be spread out throughout the day. Hold each other’s hands when you are out and about. Hug each other completely for no reason! Physical love helps us to strengthen even the emotional!

6. Do at the same time

Of course, this is not possible for everyone, depending on the life situation. However, if you have roughly the same working hours, you will probably benefit greatly from introducing a common bedtime ritual. You can talk about the day that has passed and be close before you finally turn off the lamp.

7. Say thank you

When we get used to someone’s company, it’s easy to take that person for granted. We assume that they know that we are grateful to have cleaned or washed or cooked but say absolutely nothing.

Say thank you when your partner does something caring for you, no matter how small, says marriage therapist Gabrielle Applebury to Bustle.

This way you are clear that you both appreciate your partner and see everything that they do.

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