What to do if your girlfriend left you badly? 5 steps

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If you got dumped by a girlfriend, I’m truly sorry. Now you remind of a child wading at night with a fading torch in his hand through the impenetrable thicket of a dense forest, not realizing where you really are. Shot down all the targets, all targets are erased, nothing makes sense except her.

Moreover, if you’re wondering “how to get a girl back”, it’s bad: your self-esteem wiped off the dust, you feel useless, a man was thrown overboard, those on whom fortune turned its back forever.

Do not consider yourself and your story is unique, in such cases, all of the boys feel equally bad, so bad that words can not convey. And you’re no exception, get ready to go through hell.

Believe me, if you are a man, worthy to bear the proud name of Man, after all the unimaginable experiences that suddenly fell on your head, you will make a very important conclusion: without the blow of fate, you would not have changed for the better, you would have had the former inhabitant of his own comfort zone, a man with no goals and absolutely empty. This the kick you needed, but understanding all this will come soon.

And now you have the thought that you hadn’t paid attention to her, it may not be giving her flowers, treated her quite coldly, and indeed had himself to blame.

You have to understand one important female trait: very rarely, a girl goes nowhere, in 99% of cases the cause of the rupture of relationships is cheating, so really it was you who forced her to spread her legs.

Personally, I think it is questionable, and the guilt imposed on you masterful your already ex-girlfriend, which was quite and not yours.

The girl left you, what to do and how to return her

No way. Traitors do not return them tear all the contacts and expunged from her life once and for all. There is only one solution to get rid of psychological dependence, or as the majority says to forget the girl.

Stop screwing around and soul-searching, YOU are the meaning and center of your life, YOU’re the best, YOU can do anything.

If your girlfriend left you, you can expect completion of the following stages

1. Denial

At the very beginning, you simply won’t believe that this could happen. She’s not like that, she’s not capable of it, it was someone who made her wise. These thoughts are utter nonsense.

You will make every effort to return it, justify it in your eyes, make attempts to run after it and humiliate yourself. You will begin to constantly wait for her to call you, and everything will be the same.

There will be a feeling that the world around has lost its colors, in the literal sense, and you look at the surrounding reality through the keyhole.

The hormones adrenaline and cortisol produced by your body will make you at the physiological level feel all the “delights” of parting. At this stage, you will be just pathetic.

2. Anger

The most important stage. After her offensive, you will understand that your ex-girlfriend is really mad, you will be furious, there will be an acute desire to inflict severe bodily harm on her and, possibly, her new chosen one, which of course is not worth doing.

Finally, with an 80% probability, you will realize that there is no longer any way back to this collapsed relationship, this is the end.

3. Bargain

The memory of every person tends to forget, especially any negativity that has taken place in your life.

At this stage, you will begin to recall all the pleasant moments of your relationship, how great it was together, how much you had to go through together.

The stage of “bargaining” is dangerous because at this stage there may be a return to the relationship, the so-called comeback if your ex girlfriend gets in touch.

Keep yourself in control and in no case be fooled, they just want to fuck you again. Ahead of you is a different, better life, and no matter what you are at the bottom, just believe it.

4. Depression

After all experiences have subsided, there will be nothing good and nothing bad. Behind so much, ahead of the unknown, and now the void. Your body already weakly produces adrenaline and cortisol.

The brain should not be idle, take it with something, do not become a languid amoeba.

It is clear that you are tired of all these deer runs, but you should not waste time wasting your time on the couch and watching the ceiling, there is only one life. This condition will pass 100%.

5. Acceptance

You remembered who you are – a purposeful self-sufficient person and not someone else’s half. Now you are crisp, life again gives you its colors, you know that you have become stronger, more experienced, better.

You recall the former, but you do not care about her, there are no feelings, neither good nor bad, where she and with whom you do not care. Now you are free.

Only after the onset of this last stage, start thinking about a new relationship, only now your head has completely fallen into place, and you can perceive the world and people adequately.

Without exception, everyone was able to get out of this situation, and you can.

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