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Long-distance relationships: advice on how to save


Not so often, people enter into Long-distance relationships on their own initiative. As a rule, couples become victims of circumstances when a guy or girl is forced to live in different places.

This can happen, for example, in connection with the changes in labor activity.

Another common reason is an acquaintance that occurred in a city in which one of the partners did not live, but was temporary. But when the period of temporary stay expired, the couple decides to maintain the connection.

Another reason may be the situation when young people who graduate from high school go to different educational institutions, but decide to stay in a relationship at a distance.

And finally, a guy and a girl who met on the Internet by correspondence can consciously take a step in the direction of maintaining romantic feelings.

Long-distance relationships should imply the time of their graduation, which is the motivation and meaning of their continue. There are a couple assumes that a day will come when they will be able to reunite.

In other words, the present goal is to stay up with the person you love. Without this goal, the ending of a relationship is likely to be overshadowed by a transient parting.

Another factor that has a huge impact on whether relationships at a distance will have a development and a happy ending is the maturity of a guy and a girl.

For example, students who study at different educational institutions, but promise to remain a couple in the future, even when they are away from each other, very rarely keep this promise.

You need to be strong and motivated enough to resist all kinds of temptations, which is usually more difficult than people think. In addition, there must be a high level of trust between you, without which it will be difficult to maintain your feelings.

How to keep a long-distance relationship

How to keep a long-distance relationship

1. Avoid temptations

Don’t let yourself be put into situations that can lead to cheating your partner.

Don’t spend every weekend with your attractive colleague. Visiting a place of rest, drink in moderation.

Knowing yourself, define the scope of their own behavior, and not to suppress the installed line.

2. Determine at the beginning of your communication

At an early stage of development of long-distance relationships will discuss the ways you will communicate (phone, instant messaging, social networks) at what time and for what duration.

This can help to determine the most realistic expectations and to avoid possible misunderstandings, anxiety and frustration.

3. Elevate the priority of communication with each other

You may have to make an effort to make changes in your daily routines to determine a time that will be dedicated to communication, especially if the distance between you implies a difference in time.

But if you do not want to meet your girlfriend (boyfriend), consider another option: do you need such a relationship?

4. Avoid excessive communication

Despite the above, being intrusive is not a good idea.

Of course, communication with your partner should be a priority for you, but he should not take the form of the only important thing.

Do not overdo it with the communication mode and do not spend all your free time talking or texting.

5. Respect personal virtual space

Do not assume that you are obligated to respond to every incoming message every second, and do not expect your other half to immediately respond to every text message you send.

6. Maintain honesty and frankness

Being in a relationship at a distance, it’s easier to hide what is on your mind.

If you value trust and sincerity less than the need to create a good experience, it will be much harder for you to figure out how well you fit together.

7. Learn to listen to and support a fascinating conversation

Communication is the basis of any relationship, but when you are in a relationship at a distance, people often silently voice everything that comes to their mind.

Learn to listen carefully to your other half and ask the right questions to the girl, which will help you understand her better.

8. Find new topics for communication

Most couples go through periods when they have to come up with new topics of conversation, apart from discussing the past day.

When you begin to drown in everyday life, make a little more effort to raise fresh questions for communication.

9. Do not avoid difficult questions

As your relationship deepens, do not try to avoid questions that may lead to an uncomfortable conversation.

Be open to sincerity by practicing a discussion of issues that may make you vulnerable.

If you want an ideal relationship, you need to be prepared to talk about everything.

10. Common interests

It’s easier to understand how to interact from a distance if you share common interests.

Therefore, read, watch and listen to the same books, news, videos, music, etc.

Common interests will help you share experiences and discuss new topics.

11. Diversify communication

If you are used to always talking to each other on the phone, exchange long emails.

When composing a text message, you are able to think and express yourself differently than during a conversation.

Letters provide you with plenty of time to think more deeply about complex issues. In addition, later they can act as “souvenirs of the past” when you reread them again.

12. Discuss problems

Share your problems with each other, and also tell how each of you usually does when you are stressed or tired.

Offer your girlfriend or boyfriend the help and support you can provide at such times.

13. Only discuss disagreements in person

Never voice emerging disagreements in a relationship using text messages, because this method can lead to serious misunderstandings.

Understand your claims and report them in person or at least by phone.

14. Learn to control emotions

Relationships at a distance are often accompanied by strong contrasting emotions, alternating with ups and downs.

A feeling of intense loneliness, uncertainty, doubt and fear can arise completely spontaneously. Unpleasant emotions can be replaced by a feeling of extreme excitement, joy and happiness.

Learn to recognize and manage your own emotions, which is sure to pay off for you in the future. If you don’t know how to do this, perhaps acquaintance with information about awareness can help you.

15. Learn to control jealousy

Jealousy is a completely natural companion to relationships at a distance. At the same time, uncontrolled jealousy can lead to suspicions, an excessive feeling of possessiveness, insecurity, anger and shame.

If you feel jealousy, learn how to stop being jealous before negative emotions can enslave you.

16. Consider the opinion of your partner

Try to look at things from the point of view of your girlfriend or boyfriend, especially if you have a disagreement.

17. Honestly discuss the financial side

If you are experiencing difficulties in the field of personal finance, concealing this fact can cause misunderstanding and resentment, why you can’t meet in the near future, or if one of you considers that he spends much more money on maintaining relations than the other partner.

An honest discussion of this issue will help you avoid conflict situations.

18. Discuss the basic rules of your relationship

Confidence is a serious problem for many people who are in a relationship at a distance.

Discuss your status as a couple, your expectations from your partner, what kind of behavior you will not tolerate when you are apart, and what both of you mean obligations and deceit.

Discussing these issues and any growing feelings of jealousy or anxiety will help resolve many misunderstandings in the long run.

19. Make each other laugh

It’s great when you can talk on serious topics, but do not forget about the need to maintain lightness, fun and laughter in communication.

Share stories with each other that make both of you laugh.

20. Make a great gift

Anyone without exception will be pleased to receive a gift, a bouquet of flowers or a handwritten letter in the mail.

Take an additional step in your relationship, and think of what you can present to your other half as a gift so that she feels loved and significant.

21. Reminder about the partner

It is no secret that distance makes the heart beat faster, but another statement is also true: the absence of nearby erases from memory.

Make sure you have a reminder for your girlfriend or boyfriend. To do this, put their photo on the laptop desktop, attach it to a mirror or drink coffee from a mug that your loved one has presented to you.

22. Introduce the girl (guy) to your family members

In long-distance relationships, there is often a lack of a sense of family and friends.

Therefore, find a way to introduce your loved one to other important people in your life, allowing them to also exchange contacts for further communication.

23. Keep their interests

Do not spend all your free time talking with your partner. Have your own interests that make you better, smarter and happier.

Do not forget that improving yourself is another way to invest in relationships.

24. Pay close attention to loved ones

If you focus your free time and energy solely on romantic feelings, your relationship with loved ones can suffer from this.

Your life will be more complete and eventful if you have a strong relationship with your friends and family members, for which you need to spend time with them.

25. Visit the girl (guy) as often as possible

There are many things that you can learn about when you meet the other half only face to face.

But the main reason why you need to meet in person is to maintain romantic feelings and sexual attraction.

26. Make meetings saturated

When you visit a loved one, do not spend all the time sitting on the couch or dissolved in bed.

Instead, have fun: have fun in the company of mutual friends, visit a new restaurant, etc.

In addition, you can do household chores together, for example, together prepare a delicious dinner.

27. Plan your next visit

Try to schedule your next meeting in advance.

Even if the next time you see each other only after a couple of months, the plans drawn up will help withstand separation and will fuel interest.

28. Treat yourself after the farewell

Farewell to a loved one, saturated with the awareness of an imminent meeting, can cause frustration and apathy.

Think in advance how best to reduce the negative impact of harmful thoughts during the first few days after the end of your meeting: give yourself a gift, get out into the nature, visit the gym or pool.

29. Prepare for outbursts of negative emotions

Being in a long-distance relationship you have there will be days when you feel especially sad or lonely.

So prepare in advance for such moments, and think of what can help to dispel negative thoughts, and that to hurt you and your relationship.

30. Trust each other

Being far from a loved one, it is not so difficult to start doubting everything: what your girlfriend or boyfriend is really busy with now, what they really feel towards you.

But if your partner did not give you reason to doubt yourself, take a deep breath and continue to trust.

31. Trust yourself

Still, do not blindly rely on trust. Do not ignore the signs when you think something is going wrong.

Long-distance relationships provide more room for fraud, so trust yourself too.

It makes no sense to maintain the fire of romance when love is not mutual.

32. Determine the date of the reunion

Long-distance relationships will get extra motivation if a couple there is a day when the distance between them will cease to exist.

33. Ask yourself regularly: do you need this relationship

Seriously think about the possibility of ending the relationship if they become too burdensome, have no prospects, do not bring joyful moments, but only worsen the quality of your life.

34. Deliberate move

Life in a new city will be the beginning of a completely new stage in your relationship. Therefore, think in advance of all the possible problems that will accompany your move.

Place of residence, study, work, habitual occupations – all this will require restructuring, and therefore do not rush to make these or those decisions in a hurry.

35. Be ready to learn new things about the partner after moving

You can learn a lot about a person by being in a relationship with him over distances. However, it should be borne in mind that a person can be fully characterized only with sufficiently long personal communication.

Be prepared to learn something new about your partner when you finally start living together.

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