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4 facts about how girls in South Korea resist beauty standards


Many girls in South Korea are joining the movement “Escape the corset” (“Get rid of the corset”), which is designed to resist the aggressive perpetuated standards of beauty. They throw the whole box of cosmetics and cut their hair to protest against Patriarchy.

1. In South Korea, there was a cult of beauty

If you’re a girl in South Korea, and you don’t have perfectly clean skin and “Western” beauty (wide eyes and soft facial features), then you have very little chance to succeed in life. Perfect appearance dictates everything: if you successfully marry, she will find a good job if you will be accepted in the team.


2. Do you want to live – know how to spin

Those who do not want to be on the side of life, investing in its appearance a hundred percent Korean girls spend on cosmetics in two times more money than the American, and the guys there buy more cosmetics than any other country.

3. Now girls are actively protesting against the standards of beauty.

They put makeup and haircut as they want. According to them, they immediately change attitude: parents are starting to joke that they had a son, customers become less smiling, and they begin to threaten. But stay they’re not going, and every day they are joined by more girls.

girls are actively protesting against the standards of beauty

4. Protest Movement May Affect Cosmetics Sales

Although now official confirmation of the fact that sales of cosmetics are falling, yet, some retail managers are concerned about the possible consequences of the protest. If the girls really stop buying cosmetics, the stores will focus on decorative products for men.

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